8 Smart Remodeling Tips


Dreaming of a skylight in the kitchen? Ready to tear up that carpet in the den and replace it with something new? There are literally hundreds of ways you can renovate your home, but unless you’re careful, you’ll wind up remodeling the contents of your bank account too. Here are eight tips for keeping costs down as you breathe new life into your interior design. Continue Reading

Struggling in your home? Here are some design solutions


Coping in your home if you’ve got a bad back, struggle to walk or are advancing into your autumn years can be an absolute nightmare. When long term injury strikes, your house suddenly seems like it’s fighting against you, actively preventing  you from living comfortably.

The only solution is to make adjustments to your home that will help you in your weakened state. Although this can be a costly undertaking, it’s the choice between comfort and pain.

So, what can you do to make your home help rather than hinder you? Continue Reading

Decorating Your Home on a Budget


People often think that decorating your home is a costly and time consuming endeavor, but in reality it is actually quite easy and affordable. In fact, as long as you follow a few easy steps you shouldn’t have any trouble reinvigorating the interior of your house and turning it into your dream home! You need to understand the central theme and décor, and then a reasonable budget that will allow you to accomplish the makeover. Continue Reading

Interior Design Trends 2014

Review: Interior Design Trends 2014

The interior design trends for 2014 are brilliant and exciting. Countless home interior designers are opting for a neutral base with stand-out accents, textures and designs. This makes it possible for them to change the décor by changing just a few accents such as wall hangings, cushions and rugs. Some of the trends aren’t new, but they are still with us. Some are really fresh. Continue Reading

How to Boost Your Business with Large-Format Ads

Vinyl banners are used for advertising and marketing. Commonly made from a heavyweight type of vinyl called PVC, vinyl banners range in weight and size. Weight can range from nine ounces to over 22 ounces per square yard. The banners are then hung using grommets (nickel holes used for hanging on walls, buildings and fenceposts), and banner hem tapes are used as a laminate protector and to help in surface adhesive.

Larger banners are sometimes made using a particular kind of mesh material. Almost all banners are printed digitally on large format printers specially designed for printing full color billboards.

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