Value Adding Upgrades For Your Home

When it comes to personal investments and purchases, then the family home is the biggest one most people ever make. As such, it always makes financial sense to do everything you can to maximise its value, particularly if you are thinking of putting it on the market.

However, it also makes sense on a more personal level. Home is where families are formed and memories are made. Let’s take a look at some simple upgrades that will add value to your home, without demanding huge investments of your time or money. Continue Reading

Seven Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bills

The price of fuel isn’t going to fall any time soon, and although we’re heading into spring right now, you can still start preparing for the next winter so that it turns out cheaper – and warmer. Here’s seven ways to make your house cosier way before the first autumn frosts start. Continue Reading

Four Easy Ways to Update Your Doors

When you redecorate, it is very important not to forget to update your doors as well. They are an important element of any room. Shoddy doors that do not match the new style of a room can easily ruin the overall effect of your redecorating efforts. Therefore, ignoring them when you redecorate is never a good idea. Continue Reading

Great Bathroom Ideas That Inspire

Bathroom Ideas2

Some bathrooms are, well, just plain old bathrooms you wouldn’t give a second glance to. Others are awe inspiring masterpieces that you wish you could have in your own home. If you’re thinking about completing a bathroom renovation of your own in order to achieve that jaw dropping bathroom look you never even knew you wanted, you’ll find that with so many different bathroom décor websites to choose from, such as, that anything is possible. To help get you started, here are some great bathroom ideas that are sure to not only inspire you, but every guest that walks into your home. Continue Reading

How Often Should I Check my House for Pests?

Having regular pest inspections can be a very efficient way to protect your home against insects. Waiting until you notice a problem isn’t always the smartest approach, especially when you consider how fast an infestation can grow before you even see the obvious signs of bugs. In other words, once you see them wandering around in your kitchen, they are likely already out of control in the rest of the house.

Professionals like Fox Pest Control, a Corpus Christi exterminator, will offer regular inspections to take a closer look. Or you can always be a little more proactive and keep an eye out on your own. In either case, what kind of schedule is best? Continue Reading