Five Gadgets for the Modern Kitchen

TapIt Cap

TapIt Cap - Change how you drink beer — and keep it fresh longer. This clever device uses a CO2 cartridge to ensure that the beer in your growler remains nice and carbonated, so you can enjoy a growler for days. Typically beer in a growler starts to get stale and flat after about 12 hours, just like a bottle of soda. This cap maintains a constant pressure inside the growler without introducing oxygen — a valve on the end of the hose lets you tap it and pour one glass at a time, keeping the beer inside bubbly for weeks. Continue Reading

How to Use Christmas Lights Out of Season

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean that you have to pack away all of your lights until next year. In fact, there are many different ways that you can use Christmas lights around your home that can be kept up during all different seasons. From creating beautiful wall art to fancy chandeliers, here are just a few ways to keep your house festive and bright throughout the year. Continue Reading

Not All Wo Wander Are Lost


How to Design the Perfect Man Cave/Gaming Room

Man Cave

The phrase ‘man cave’ has entered the general parlance now, meaning a place where men can have some time to themselves to engage in manly pursuits with their mates. However, when it comes to designing the perfect one, you don’t need to take the ‘cave’ part too seriously. Obviously if you want to heat it by starting a small fire in the middle of the floor, that’s your choice – but standard heating options will probably be more effective and less hazardous. What many men use these rooms for is gaming, ranging from video games to online casino and more traditional games options. Continue Reading

Why are business cards a timeless product?


What was the first business card? Perhaps it was all the way back in the Stone Age, when a caveman handed another a rock with his name carved into the stone. Perhaps it was some time later, in Renaissance Italy, a parchment with an artist’s name and address etched in ink. Whenever the first business card appeared, it has since sparked a revolution in the ways in which we network and do business. With over 80% of UK businesses still using business cards today, it is clear that they are still very much an important part of our day to day working life. Continue Reading