3 Inspiring building designs around the World

The fundamentals of building design lead us to create amazing furniture, incredible space saving innovations and minimalist styles which can be used to define a futuristic building. Oak Furniture UK highlight what they call an “Inspiring Interior” every week over at their blog and here is a few of their highlights over the past couple of weeks that take us around the world to sample some of the most innovative building designs of modern times.

The Cube Houses of Rotterdam



Designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom (1934-1999), these iconic cubes were revealed unto the world in 1978, but construction wasn’t completed until 1984. Constructed using a wooden skeletal core, the houses are part of one single structure, which was covered with cement and fibreboard and insulated using stone wool. Continue Reading

Remodel your Living Room

Remodel your Living Room1

Your living room is used mainly for your personal relaxation and to receive your friends. So, it will need to have both of the relaxation and active moods. You can remodel your living room whenever you want to let your visitors know that you are a stylish and elegant family, but try to make sure that your room is still active and relaxing. Continue Reading

Kitchen more Functional and Beautiful

Kitchen more Functional and Beautiful4

Whether it’s creating more space in your kitchen cabinets, coming up with a clever way to reuse mason jars, adding a new rolling island or better organizing your bulk spices, there are always great kitchen ideas to incorporate. Continue Reading

Half Bathroom Ideas

half bathroom ideas 5

Half-Bathroom or also referred to as powder rooms. The bathrooms are typically small in size, as it features only a toilet and a sink in it. Continue Reading

Portability, Power and Cordless Provides Versatility


If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner for around the home that is as portable as it is powerful, you couldn’t go wrong with any of the offerings from Hoover’s Unplugged vacuum cleaners. Hoover is offering lightweight vacuum cleaners with impressive cleaning power, for prices that most households will be able to afford.

So what is so important about a wireless vacuum cleaner? You might not have considered your old vacuum cleaner to be an inconvenience, but once you try the Hoover Unplugged you might wonder how you ever got by without it! Hoover have perfectly balanced the machine, so it’s easy to carry and push around on your floors. The upright design will feel familiar, but the freedom of being able to move anywhere without having to worry about finding a new power outlet or worry about tangled cords will be appreciated by anybody who is often cleaning their home. Continue Reading