Guide To Working In Belgravia


Belgravia is one of London’s most prestigious locations, and office space in the area is ideal for those businesses that want to use an address as a statement of success.

When it comes to finding office space Belgravia allows businesses to locate themselves next to embassies and some of the world’s most expensive homes, whilst offering staff unrivalled facilities nearby. Continue Reading

Smartening Up: Designing a Garden With A Conservatory


Sitting outdoors in the garden is a delight, but it’s not always possible to lounge outside all year round. Once the summer is over, even on sunny days it can be too windy or rainy to sit back on the garden furniture and enjoy the weather.

One way to continue to enjoy your garden once the weather has cooled is with a garden conservatory. Unlike ordinary conservatories, which act like an extra room to your house, a garden conservatory is an extra room for your garden: an outdoor space with shelter from the elements. Continue Reading

Pavilion Shaped Wind by Michael Jantzen

wind pavillion

We do love creative and unique projects even if they are too hard to become live. And today’s project isn’t an exception.The Wind Shaped Pavilion is a design proposal for a large fabric structure that can be used as a public or private pavilion. Continue Reading

Managing your design projects to meet your deadlines


All businesses, whether large or small and regardless of what area of commerce they are involved in, should have systems in place to ensure they complete their projects on time and within budget. In addition to keeping clients happy, having a coherent project management strategy helps increase efficiency, reduces costs and maintains a high level of customer satisfaction.

If deadlines are constantly missed, even the most loyal clients will eventually take their business elsewhere. Once lost, it is extremely unlikely that a disgruntled customer will return; even worse they may make their dissatisfaction known to others either in conversations or via social networking sites.  Continue Reading

Iconic architecture and design of famous venues

Sydney Opera House

The works of great architects enhance the look and feel of the towns and cities many millions of people live and work in. Some of the buildings accommodate world-class orchestras, opera singers and other talented artists responsible for lifting the moods of audiences looking for an hour or so of escapism. Such beautiful buildings cannot fail to be inspirational and culturally invigorating.

Here are four venues that fully deserve to be described as iconic. Continue Reading