Fireplace Glass Types: Crystals and Beads, What Are the Differences?

As more and more homes convert their traditional wood-burning fireplaces into gas-fueled types that are easier to use and maintain, fireplace glass, or fire glass, is also becoming more popular. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of fire glass, its tempered glass that comes in different sizes, colors, and shapes, usually available in crystals or in rounded bead shapes. Primarily used to cover the gas burners and piping in modern fireplaces and fire pits, fire glass also absorbs and radiates the warmth from the flames effectively.

Fireplace Glass 1

The designs and colors also work to make for aesthetically beautiful fireplaces and fire pits, allowing the flames to dance around between the colored glass pieces. Depending on the shape and color of the fireplace glass used, they can produce a number of aesthetically pleasing effects, from throwing off beautiful reflections to simply providing the space with a sparkling color of your choice. Continue Reading



Properly planned lighting can transform a room from dark and drab to bright and beautiful. Gone are the days when lighting was a purely functional decision. With the vast selection of designs available today, lighting has become a key part of the overall design scheme. Continue Reading

Negotiating Bay Windows and Treatments

Once upon a time, they were one of the most prominent features of a home. Now, bay windows are generally reserved for older properties. Few developers out there decide to include them in a new home, for the simple reason that they can be difficult to manage.

When we talk about managing, we’re really discussing window treatments. The unconventional shape of these windows means that it becomes very difficult to find a solution that will not only cover the whole area up, but do this in style at the same time.

Bay Windows

Therefore, it’s time to think outside the box. We’re going to cipher through several options, with the first involving a simple curtain that covers the whole area. It would be fair to say that this concept can border on the genius in some homes, but the ridiculous in others. Generally, if your bay window is comprised of a seating area it can work very well. However, if it’s just empty space, the curtain does increase the risk of the bay window looking like some sort of storage space which is clearly not the desired appearance. Continue Reading

Kitchen Design and Colour Psychology

Kitchen Cabinet With Granite Tops And Beautiful Window View

From energetic, optimistic and focused to calm, relaxed and friendly, the colours of your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room can have a huge effect not just on your home’s style, but also on your mood.

Colour plays a huge role in determining how we feel. While some colours can make us feel relaxed and calm, other colours can make us feel energetic, confident, warm, secure and even in danger. Continue Reading

5 Annoying Health Side Effects of Sleeping on a Bad Mattress

Man In Bed With Eyes Opened Suffering Insomnia And Sleep Disorde

Could your mattress be affecting your health? While a comfortable and supportive mattress is often all you need for deep, refreshing sleep, a bad mattress can lead to sleepless nights and a wide range of surprising health issues.

You’ll spend a third of your life on top of your mattress, making it important to buy one that offers the right combination of comfort and support. Cutting costs on your mattress might seem like a good way to save money, but it could affect your health. Continue Reading