FOLDABLE BOWL by Gowoon Jeong

Foldable Bowl | Gowoon Jeong


‘Tidal Datums’ by Adrien Segal



‘The body of work titled ‘Tidal Datums’ is the result of my senior thesis project. The collection consists of a variety of objects inspired by the formal language of data graphics, intended to be a representation of analytic information through the medium of furniture. My work process began by gathering data graphs from NOAA’s historic tide database followed by translating the empirical information into tangible materials. The forms modeled from the data not only reveal a dynamic pattern, they facilitate a new way of experiencing information by enabling a physical interaction of tidal patterns with the body.’ Adrien Segal.


Paper wrap vs. Bubble wrap

Plastic bubbles wraps are one of the chief sources of environmental degradation since our world revolves around the packaging and transport of goods. The Paper Wrap offers the same level of protection but at a very neutral cost to the planet. A precut symmetric pattern similar to a steel grate buffers precious goods but I see two faults. One, the flexibility of bubble wrap makes it more usable in a wide array of applications. Two, I can’t pop paper wrap and everyone knows humans have an OCD fascination with popping bubbles.

Designers: Wonjae Lee, Sunkyu Kim & Sangjun Hahn

You vs an intruder – steps you can take to prevent a burglary

We often see horror stories on the news or scroll to see frightening articles on online about homes just like ours being targeted by burglars. Your home is your safe haven, and you work hard to own the things you do. So, why should anyone else try to spoil that for you and your family? Continue Reading

Heinz ketchup label gets first make-over in 100 years

Heinz ketchup redesign

‘Heinz ketchup, one of the most well-known products gracing grocery store shelves and diner counter tops, is getting a make-over after more than 100 years. H.J. Heinz Co. is replacing the pickle on its ketchup bottles with something that is actually in the product: a tomato. Continue Reading