Kitchen more Functional and Beautiful

Kitchen more Functional and Beautiful4

Whether it’s creating more space in your kitchen cabinets, coming up with a clever way to reuse mason jars, adding a new rolling island or better organizing your bulk spices, there are always great kitchen ideas to incorporate. Continue Reading

Half Bathroom Ideas

half bathroom ideas 5

Half-Bathroom or also referred to as powder rooms. The bathrooms are typically small in size, as it features only a toilet and a sink in it. Continue Reading

Portability, Power and Cordless Provides Versatility


If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner for around the home that is as portable as it is powerful, you couldn’t go wrong with any of the offerings from Hoover’s Unplugged vacuum cleaners. Hoover is offering lightweight vacuum cleaners with impressive cleaning power, for prices that most households will be able to afford.

So what is so important about a wireless vacuum cleaner? You might not have considered your old vacuum cleaner to be an inconvenience, but once you try the Hoover Unplugged you might wonder how you ever got by without it! Hoover have perfectly balanced the machine, so it’s easy to carry and push around on your floors. The upright design will feel familiar, but the freedom of being able to move anywhere without having to worry about finding a new power outlet or worry about tangled cords will be appreciated by anybody who is often cleaning their home. Continue Reading

Fall 2014 Trend Report

century furniture

This fall Century steps up once again showcasing bold combinations of fabric and finish. From their lobby which is a powerful display of Maximalism at its best to the quieter moments of more organic neutrals, they weld their vast range of product styles skillfully which is ultimately what sets them apart. There are few other furniture companies in the marketplace who cover the breadth of styles that Century covers and the ability to pull it all together into one 80,000 sqft showroom is nothing short of miraculous. Continue Reading

The Lighting For Bedroom

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The room light is a key factor, why not just have to take into account the way in which he makes his entrance natural light, and then analyze and define how we will reinforce it with artificial light to reach the ideal. Similarly, you should keep in mind the weather we can generate with them and with the combination of styles and colors. Continue Reading