3 Great Ideas to Make a Headboard in Less Than 15 Minutes

3 Great Ideas to Make a Headboard in Less Than 15 Minutes

If you like surfing the interweb to find design inspiration and randomly come across great decorating ideas that could work out with your own makeover projects, then you certainly won’t have missed out on the next big thing in bedroom decorating. Yes, we are talking about headboards for beds.

You must have noticed that they are all over the place and the main reason for this renewed interest is because headboards for beds are one the few pieces of furniture you can actually make yourself without having to be gifted by a very large set of innate do-it-yourself skills.

I am not saying that making an upholstered headboard is like taking candy from a baby, it actually requires a large dose of knowhow and a pinch of creativity. But when you think about it you can make a headboard out of nearly anything that inspires you and even the less crafty of us can go down the easy way of creating their own custom headboard in a blink.

Let’s have a tour of the best do it yourself killer headboard ideas out there that you can use to spice up your own bedroom.

Door headboards

Have I already mentioned it is a 15 minutes job? The hardest thing here is to find the wooden door but once the difficult bit is sorted out your headboard-to-be just needs a generous coat of paint or a subtle distressed effect to get a facelift.

Pallet headboards

Same story here, finding the perfect wooden pallet will mean you need to have the right connections but the final effect is definitely worth it. Especially when you realise that all the headboards below are basically made from untreated, raw, natural and no-hassle wooden pallets.

Shutter headboard

Another no brainer but a brilliant way to complement your bed with a custom headboard. Make use of old painted shutters and make them stand out behind your bed. It is easier to get the raw material in this situation as you will probably find plenty of old and unused shutters in your local vintage market or by simply rummaging through your parent’s attic.

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