4 High Impact Changes for a Home Redecoration

Often when you buy a home the interior style of a room does not contain the character that you want it to have. Other times the décor may have fallen out of date and be the property may be in need of a good redecoration.

Here are 5 features you can change which will deliver high impact visual results, with not that much effort.

Redecorate the Walls

To get the most obvious point out of the way. Redecorating walls will have the greatest impact on a room as they take up so much visual space. Here are some high impact quick wins on redecorating walls.

  1. If a room is too dark use a paler, lighter colour, so that light will bounce around the room better, helping to reduce impact of shadows, and taking full advantage of light from windows.
  2. If the room is wallpapered and features a terribly outdated design, buy or hire a steam based wall paper stripper and get it off, or just cover it with a liner or more wall paper.
  3. Skirting board can often be worse for wear after years of service, but this can be easily remedied by sanding them down and repainting, or just replacing. Skirting boards also play a big role in balancing a rooms features and colours – consider increasing their size for greater effect.

Internal Doors

The design and material of a door can really lend emphasis to the style of a room. Therefore if you feel a room doesn’t quite feel right, take a look at your door and decide whether it fits.

The visual design of the door should tie in with the style you’re going for in the room, be it modern or classic or a balance of the two. The colour on the other hand can provide a much needed point of contrast in a wall, and give a room more definition.

Doors featuring glass are worth a mention, as they bring another material to feature in the room, but can also help provide the illusion of space to smaller rooms, and really well with modern styles.

Light Fittings

Although only small elements in a home,  light fittings which don’t suit a room can be terrible. The number one culprit is using a pendant type light fitting(light that dangles) as your main feature light in a room that has a low ceiling. Pendant lights draw attention. Visually, this will make the ceiling feel lower than it really is if the light is dangling just above head height.

A far better option would be to go for a flat style of light for your main light. This will give you far greater headspace, and the non-dangling fitting will make the ceiling height far less noticeable, if at all.

Experiment with Secondary Colours

Secondary colours really add personality to a space, but must be used sparingly, as a feature colour. For example, you may pick a secondary colour out in cushions, or lampshades, it may even feature in the curtains.

Secondary colours provide are very important for providing a themed contrast against your primary wall colours. However, if they are used too much, they themselves will feel overbearing and start to feel like a primary colour in the room. Experiment with them, but the key is to use them sparingly.