4 tricks to tempt a quick sale

As any home seller will testify, there’s nothing worse than the waiting game. Unless you happen to live in a highly sought-after area, the days of homes being snapped up within days of hitting the market are long-gone (at least for now).

However, as countless analysts have told us, the market certainly isn’t dead. On the contrary, the average home now sells in six weeks – and this means that you are entering a market which is at least a little receptive.

If you don’t put any thought into your house sale, you are destined to fail though. Bearing this in mind, we will now take a look at four tricks which can really boost the chances of a quick sale and tempt buyers a lot more easily.

It all starts with curb appeal

If you have conducted even the remotest bit of research on the housing market, you will have most probably heard about curb appeal. In short, this is the very first impression that a buyer gets when they first set eyes on your property.

It goes without saying that the best way to boost this appeal is to spruce up your garden. Even small garden designs can do the world of good – and highlight that your home is the best on the street and needs to be considered.

Most buyers won’t like your color choices

We’re not even going to speculate what your decorating choices are, but there are so many colors out there that the best option is to simply turn to neutrals when preparing for a sale.

Some might call it a safe approach and we’re not going to disagree. Not only will it not offend anyone’s tastes, but white and airy colors also open up a room and potentially make it bigger than it really is.

Make a big difference with small changes

As we reside in a house for longer, small things get forgotten about. We’re talking about the broken light bulb or even that part of the wall that needs touching up now there’s not a photo covering the historic drill holes.

It’s these little things that can really play on the mind of a buyer. As such, get your act together and finally start to tackle every small job you can see. By doing this, you can reduce the number of doubts that slowly start to enter into a buyer’s head every time they spot a flaw with the property.

Don’t act as the estate agent

It might feel as though you are being helpful, but we really would urge you not to act like an estate agent as your property is on the market. What we mean is that you shouldn’t be looking to give potential buyers a guided tour; you should leave them to it and be available for any questions if the need arises.

The worst sensation a potential buyer can feel is being rushed. Unfortunately, this is exactly the feeling that a lot of inexperienced sellers prompt – and it can be incredibly off-putting.