Achieving A Natural Look In Your Home

The natural look is one interior design trend that will never go out of fashion. Its instinctive appeal is gorgeous enough to please anyone, helping to impress visitors as well as people looking to buy your home. The look can be achieved in just a few small steps, and Luxury Flooring & Furnishings are here with hints on exactly how to bring the outdoors into your home.


Wood flooring is the ultimate base to start with when creating a natural room. If you already have wood flooring in your home then great! Those are the areas you should focus on making natural. If not, you can choose from either solid or engineered wood flooring, of which we would recommend the latter if you are on a budget. Although both are identical in appearance as they use a solid wood surface layer, the layers underneath on engineered flooring are plywood, making them more affordable and water-resistant. We recommend using wood flooring with a rustic finish for the most natural look possible.

Plants and Other Décor

Ornaments and décor such as plants are perfect for creating the natural look. Plants, bunches of flowers and fireplaces look great in living rooms, wooden furniture works especially well in bedrooms, and in kitchens we recommend fruit bowls on top of wooden tables. When it comes to décor, creativity is key, and it can be fun for the whole family! Try looking for pinecones with the kids to decorate your fireplace, search in charity shops for vintage wooden cabinets, or pick flowers and fruit to put on display.


Colour is vital when attempting the natural look. We recommend you use a neutral base such as brown or beige which represent earth and can be paired with any other colours easily. Next, use greens, blues or terracotta as you see fit to create the look you like best. Greens work best in rooms with plants and wooden items, blues work well in bathrooms with sandy beige flooring, and terracotta is ideal for a rustic or farmhouse kitchen look that is both natural in décor and traditional in theme. As black and white are neutral, we recommend using them to lighten or darken a room if needed, as they won’t detract from the natural look as much as other tones.