Building Design Influences Everyone

A building’s design or architecture places into its structure key elements that also broadly affect us, i.e., science, technology, beauty, and societal reflections. When we look at a unique looking building, it strikes an inner cord that invokes expressions within ourselves.

Those involved in commercial real estate can appreciate a good building style. When they gather with their real estate investment groups, the topic will turn to what building design is leading the way and what some of the new trends will be.
Building styles are also a reflection of our present-day culture compiled with materials that surround us like strong steel alloy, tempered glass, and nearly impenetrable concrete. Today and in the future, architecturally designed buildings will continue to emerge and become a recognizable attraction of functionality.

  1. Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, California
    The world-famous and acknowledged architect, Frank Gehry, designed the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It is representative of the wind in the sails of a boat because Mr. Gehry loves sailing. The concert hall has revitalized downtown Los Angeles. When a building is designed with a unique exterior, you can bet that the interior holds a myriad of functionality. This amazing steel structure led the way for an explosion of populated neighborhoods and prominent businesses. Los Angeles was once considered a lost cause for anyone interested in settling downtown. This was the history until the visionary design of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It is now identified as the key building to hold concerts, stage plays, and to host musical events.
  2. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City, New York
    Famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed the world-famous Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Its unique spiral design is made from steel covered with white concrete. It is six stories tall with an open space centerpiece and glass dome that gives you a sense of oneness, especially when sunlight highlights the building. The Guggenheim, as it is fondly named, has increased international tourism abundantly because of its unique design. Also, within its walls and hallways hold some of the most unique collection of paintings, sculptured works, and other types of artwork from past and current artists.
  3. Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children, Birmingham, Alabama
    This uniquely structured hospital is a building designed with glass and concrete. Designed by the renowned HKS architectural firm, the Benjamin Russell Hospital has won many architecture awards. In addition to its inviting exterior, the hospital’s interior features are just as amazing. The hospital is one of the leading children’s hospitals in the U.S. Its innovative technology for treating children with various illnesses is bar-none in order to give families hope. The hospital was designed with color that is inviting for children and vast windows that gives its young patients and medical staff lots of natural lighting. It is also a spiral design of staircases and floor patterns with modern ergonomically designed furnishings and accessories.
  4. Seattle Central Library, Seattle, Washington
    The Seattle Central Library design seems to infuse unto itself. The library was purposefully designed to invite future growth and expansion. Like a Phoenix, this Seattle Library rose from the ashes of a previous fire that destroyed the original building. Designed by Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Prince-Ramus, the library is highly honored by the American Institute of Architects. Its eleven floors of glass and steel structure in the middle of downtown has helped to increase international tourist visits. The local Seattle neighborhoods visit the library for the vast number of books, written materials, computer/printers, and high-tech rooms that are used by the local government, educational institutions, and more.
  5. Thorncrown Chapel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
    The design of this chapel is simple, yet gorgeous. Famed architect E. Fay Jones designed the Thorncrown Chapel that has been honored by the American Institute of Architects. If you would like to get married, have a baptism performed, or simply gather with like-minded individuals amid an Ozark wilderness environment, the Thorncrown Chapel with its openness is the perfect building. Designed with native stone and tempered glass, this building has increased tourism trade from individuals who come to view the splendor of Thorncrown Chapel.