Building Towards your Dream Kitchen

Most people have an idea of their perfect kitchen, but trying to turn that dream into a reality can be a daunting task – not to mention an expensive one.

If your kitchen is looking tired and dated but money is tight, you might be tempted to simply do a quick fix. A bit of new tiling behind the cooker, a splash of paint on the walls – these can really make a difference and add a freshness to the room. But it’s still worth thinking about building towards that perfect kitchen. You might not be ready to put the whole package together straight away, but whatever your quick fix is you’ll want it to be a step in the right direction.

Careful planning should be at the heart of any renovation/redecoration project, let alone one as complex as a kitchen refit. The ideas you have in your head may not turn out to be practical or even possible – the presence of water and gas pipes, as well as electrical outlets, means you may not be able to move things around in the way that you’d like. Then you need a general theme in mind before you start choosing bits and pieces, so you might want to look at what others have done for some inspiration.

Whether you choose to go for a country-style traditional kitchen, a retro look or something modern and minimalist, consistency in your look is the key. Traditional kitchens should make use of natural light, open up shelving to show off tins and utensils and make it feel like a ‘lived-in’ space, centred around a large wooden table. If you go modern you’ll want sleek gloss finishes, very little clutter and some innovative storage solutions and kitchen gadgets.

Even when you know what you want, the difficulty can come in understanding how those ideas will work in reality. To ensure everything is clear and accurate, you might want to try the 3D kitchen planner tool from Wren. Wren has been working in the kitchens market for 35 years, and it produces fully-formed units to your own specifications – no assembly required! The company’s 3D planner tool allows you to choose your style and colour scheme and see exactly what they will look like when all put together – very useful for visualising your final design. You can find out more about Wren’s services on their Facebook and Twitter pages.