‘CO2 Cubes’ Copenhagen


‘CO2 Cubes: Visualize a Tonne of Change’ is a digital media art exhibition produced by Millennium ART presented in partnership with the United Nations Department of Public Information for the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP-15) taking place in December 2009.

‘The cube will be up during the COP-15 events (December 7 – December 18), seeking to engage and educate people by making visible the monumental scale of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by human activity.’

Using shipping containers, artist Alfio Bonanno and architect Christophe Cornubert have created the 27′ x 27′ x 27′ cube which is situated near St. Jorgens Lake and the Tycho Brache Planetarium.

The cube features an interactive media delivery system with multiple screens programmed into a 24-hour cycle, providing a visual sense of what one metric tonne of CO2 looks like in a solid form. Developed by Obscura Digital, the system incorporates video streams, real-time data, and practical solutions, engaging the public in a virtual and global dialogue to share ideas and solutions about how to reduce their own individual impact on climate change.

‘You have to see the size of your CO2 CUBEĀ  to believe it! This is the amount of CO2 the average European releases in one month, and the average American releases in just two weeks.

With greenhouse gas emissions being invisible to the human eye, the CO2 CUBES make visible the monumental scale of carbon dioxide being generated, and helps us foster a profound understanding of how we contribute to climate change.’

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