Create a Quirky Bedroom

You might spend most of your time in this room with your eyes shut, but that doesn’t mean your bedroom should look dull.

A quirky bedroom will let your personality shine through – the less conventional the better! Have a read through these design ideas then set your imagination free on your sleeping space!

Go colour crazy

They match, they clash, they offend the eye – whichever colour combinations you choose are fine, after all, it’s your sanctuary from the mundane world outside! Pieces like this frankly wacky lamp are perfect ways to inject some fun into the room without splashing all the shades of the rainbow on the walls. But do that as well, if you want.

Make your own rules

Shouldn’t have a TV in your bedroom because it encourages you to watch it rather than get eight solid hours’ sleep? So what! We’re all adults here – why not go the whole hog and get yourself a bed with built-in TV, for example those from Time4Sleep. Imagine those lazy Sunday mornings tucked up with a good film…

It’s not all about ‘light and airy’

Since a bedroom is meant to provide an atmosphere that sends you off to the Land of Nod ASAP, it doesn’t really make sense that most interior designers harp on about letting as much daylight in as possible. Why not let your dark side rule by opting for aubergine walls, functional black carpet or navy curtains? Just add a lighting feature to stay on the right side of gothic; while you’re unlikely to have the means to recreate this flaming wall lighting effect, it’ll hopefully give you some inspiration.

Blow some minds

“You’ve got a chair hanging from your wall” may not be something you’d expect your guests to say, but maybe it should be. As Easy Living explains, displaying a chair like this not only keeps it out of the way, making more floor space, it’ll also be to hand when you need a spare, and it offers another place to store your bits and bobs. Perfect!