Design Trends 2013 and Your Home

Interior Design Trends for 2013

Interior decorating trends change regularly, and it’s smart to keep up with fresh ideas. While many traditional styles remain popular, you may just find something new and different that suits you perfectly. Investing in new décor for your home can take a great deal of time, patience and a large financial investment. In addition to choosing the hottest trends and creating a home you love, you also want to invest in some protection for your investment.

Here are a few of the emerging trends that are expected to be fully embraced moving into 2013 along with information on how you can protect your decorating assets.

Open the Space with Transparency:

In this age of expanding cities and sprawling suburbs, you are likely to encounter crowds of people throughout your day. Arriving home to a spacious area that looks and feels roomy is very relaxing. While you cannot eliminate some important furniture pieces like coffee tables, you can look for transparent options that won’t close the room in visually. Options include glass coffee tables, acrylic chairs and even slim bar stools with acrylic backs and supports.

Get a Little Crafty:

Communities like Pinterest make it easy to come up with fresh ideas for do it yourself projects at home. You may choose to cover a wine bottle with colorful glass beads and drop a light strand inside to make it a nightlight. Perhaps your shoes are always a jumble in the bedroom. Take control of that situation by hanging the heels over the rungs of an old ladder. From ideas for covering windows to clever seating solutions, you can add your own style and flair to the room with some crafty projects.

Make it Brighter :

Modern homes embrace bright colors. While monochromatic schemes are still a great choice, you can also go wild with bold, powerful colors like iridescent yellow, neon green, brilliant shades of blue and fun shades of hot pink. Add some luxury to the space and make it stand out by being creative with colors.

Embrace Nature:

While transparent furniture relies heavily on manmade materials, there is another trend emerging that’s quite opposite. Natural materials and nature are moving indoors for the fresh feel and earth-friendly atmosphere. Look for a polished log to serve as a little end table. Choose chairs made with curved cane backs that preserve the natural feel of long tree branches. Choose colors and materials that bring the natural elements of your garden into the comfort of your home.

Environmentally Friendly:

A trend being spied throughout modern décor is to look for pieces that are environmentally friendly. Choose furniture made from renewable sources like bamboo or harvested from special managed forests. Opt for recycled construction materials like recycled glass countertops, recycled wood blinds and even reclaimed floors. Whether you enjoy the modern look or crave a traditional style, there are countless ways to work environmentally friendly items into the décor. Upcycling is the key to a successfully designed interior.

Decorating your house is fun and exciting. Transforming an entire room can be just as thrilling as buying a new home. You’ll enjoy it every time you walk in, and you’ll love hearing your friends compliments when they come to visit. However, your decorating efforts also represent a major investment.

You may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new flooring, drapes and accents. Furniture can become quite expensive, and you should account for the time you invest in any DIY projects. Now, take a moment to think about how devastated you would be to come home and find the house in shambles. Vandals can break in and willfully damage your beautiful home, trees can fall over and land in your living room, floods and other natural disasters can destroy your home and leave you struggling to recreate your sweet home.

With contents insurance such as endsleigh, you will have the coverage you need to protect your home. While homeowner’s insurance may cover the main structure, you should make sure you also have insurance on your private belongings. Even if you don’t own your home, you can still protect your decorating investment by purchasing renter’s insurance.

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