DIY Home Investment – Is Investing in Home Decor a Good Approach

When it comes to investing in home decor oftentimes we cut corners because we believe that having spent so much money on the exterior of the home we should save money on the interior. Of course it makes sense to be careful of how much we money we pour into our home improvements as not every improvement we make to our home will increase its value, however, we must also be careful not to reduce the home’s value either by going down the low quality improvement path. Take the time to consider the following points to ensure your investment approach to home decor is indeed a good approach. 

High Value Spaces

Most people are aware that certain rooms within our homes are more highly valued over others. Typically the kitchen, bathrooms and master bedroom are considered to be very important spaces and so when it comes to your approach to investing in home decor it makes perfect sense to concentrate on these areas.


It goes without saying that updating your kitchen will call for greater investment dollars than a simple coat of new paint for the living room, but by sticking to the rooms that will have the most influence over a potential buyer’s decision is the best approach. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home for many years, the return on your investment is likely to be much higher if you commit to these critical areas. By doing this not only will you improve the prospects of a good return, you and your family get to enjoy the benefits of the updated spaces along the way.


Quality Over Quantity

When it comes time to start planning your investment in a particular area of the home avoid the trap of going for quantity over quality. Sure, you might be able to install an entire flat pack kitchen in a weekend for a few thousand dollars but it’s important to consider whether the quality of the items will stand up not only to buyer scrutiny but also to time. Classic style such as wood, combined with quality fixtures and fittings will stand the test of time and when it does come time to sell simply updating the kitchen appliances might be enough to transform the kitchen overnight.

As with the kitchen, upgrading the bathroom with quality top of mind is always the best approach. Low grade tiles and counter tops are certain to crack at some point so consider investing that little bit more in finishes such as stone and even composite granite resin for a more affordable but still high end option. In both the bathrooms and kitchen, updating faucets can be a relatively quick and cost effective way to add value to the rooms. Once again, stick with higher end finishes such as brass, copper or brushed nickel and invest in sets to ensure the overall design of the rooms is tied together.

Don’t Cut Corners

It’s also very important to consider the floor coverings in these high worth rooms. Vinyl might be the cheapest option but again, its value will be considerably less than a quality floor tile that adds not only a timeless classic look but also that will last for years to come. Remember, savvy homebuyers will notice value when they see it and likewise will spot poor quality workmanship and investments easily so avoid cutting corners.


Investing in home decor is good only if you’re smart about on what and where you invest your dollars. By investing in quality home decor over time you not only reap the benefits of enjoying your beautiful home, but you will also be investing in your future financial health and that’s always a job worth doing well so why not get started today.

Written by Shab from PlatinoKitchen