Four Easy Ways to Update Your Doors

When you redecorate, it is very important not to forget to update your doors as well. They are an important element of any room. Shoddy doors that do not match the new style of a room can easily ruin the overall effect of your redecorating efforts. Therefore, ignoring them when you redecorate is never a good idea.

Repaint your doors

Many people think that the easiest approach is to re-paint their doors. If your doors are plain this is probably the correct assumption to make, but if you have panel doors you may need to think again. As you can see from this video, for a novice painter, they can be very hard to repaint.

It can easily take you several hours to paint each door, and you may not be particularly pleased with the results.  Of course, you can employ a decorator to do the work, but because of the time involved, this can work out expensive. Weirdly, it can sometimes be cheaper, and faster, to replace panel doors when you redecorate. This is particularly the case if you sell the old ones online.

Use door stickers

If you really do not want to buy new doors and are not a good painter another option is to buy some door decals. These are becoming more widely available, so it is relatively easy to find what you need. Applying them is not difficult, but can be more time-consuming than most people realise. To get a good finish you will have to thoroughly wash the door and remove the handles and locks. If you opt to use decals, you will need to allow about an hour to freshen up each door.

Renew your door furnishings

If you are lucky, the overall condition of your existing doors will be good meaning that they do not actually need to be repainted. However, to get the look right you may still need to buy and install new door furnishings.

Fortunately, provided you buy your door handles, locks and knockers from the right place this is not an expensive task. You can buy everything you need from the doorstore without having to spend a fortune to do so. Changing a door handle is a job that most DIY enthusiasts can easily do in around half an hour.

Add your own artwork

A door makes a great canvas for those people who are good at art.  They are large, which means that you can get creative with your designs. Kids love having a go and personalising their rooms. All you need is some old paints, and a pen to draw the basic design onto the door. If you are not happy with the result, all you have to do is apply a coat of plain paint and start again.

When you redecorate it is always worth getting the details right. Doing so gives you the best results, so the next time you want to transform a room do not forget to update your doors.