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Some bathrooms are, well, just plain old bathrooms you wouldn’t give a second glance to. Others are awe inspiring masterpieces that you wish you could have in your own home. If you’re thinking about completing a bathroom renovation of your own in order to achieve that jaw dropping bathroom look you never even knew you wanted, you’ll find that with so many different bathroom décor websites to choose from, such as, that anything is possible. To help get you started, here are some great bathroom ideas that are sure to not only inspire you, but every guest that walks into your home.

A tropical coastal bathroom

If you love the tropics, or at least the warm blues and greens of the sea, you’ll find that you can really play with your ideas in a bathroom, as the theme revolves around water. Even if the rest of your house doesn’t quite follow a beach house theme, you can still create a beachy bathroom, as long as you work with colors that blend well with each other and the different structures within the same room. For example, light sea foam green walls pair rather nicely with tropical indoor plants such as orchids in white or off white planters. Stand alone bathtubs also work great with this sort of theme and can be backed with a shelving structure adorned with seashells and corals alongside your necessities such as toilet paper and bath towels.

For a more unique look that is certain to leave an impression, you’ll want to skip the normal vanity set up that’s comprised of one or two sinks inset into a counter space unit and instead venture out with a stand alone sink. Not only will the set up work great with your stand alone bathtub while really tying everything together, but you’ll find that the unit as a whole is a lot easier to clean, making it perfect in every sense.

Bathroom Ideas

A modern bathroom

If you rather stay away from a beachy theme, then perhaps a beautiful modern bathroom setup is the way to go. With these types of bathrooms, you can really play with some impressive ideas and pieces, making for a fun renovation project that inspires you from beginning to end. One way to help such a bathroom stand out from others is to design an accent wall. Much like accent walls that you’ll see in a living room or bedroom, your bathroom will appear to have more depth to it, creating the allusion of a bigger room. In modern bathrooms, you’ll also want to focus on using geometric shapes and patterns. One way to accomplish this outside of small décor items, is to put in a clear glass separate shower where the glass pans from the top of the ceiling to the floor in a rectangular shape. Not only will you have plenty of room to shower with ease, but an impressive piece as well.

Bathrooms don’t have to be dull and lifeless. With a few easy renovation ideas, you’ll find that a bathroom can become a beautiful piece of art.

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