Hardwood Flooring Delivers Variety Like Never Before

Demand for hardwood floors is on the rise. As a result of this increase in popularity, ProSource has added a variety of ways for people to customize their floors at affordable prices to their services. Customers can now choose to include borders, accents, hard carving, and medallions to their flooring. And hardwood floors aren’t limited to shades of brown. You can also choose to have hardwood floors in purple, white, pink, black, or yellow.

Hardwood flooring experts and realtors alike will tell you that hardwood flooring does more than just beautify your home. It increases its value and selling price. For this reason, our showroom’s hardwood flooring section is extremely popular. Because of its beauty, durability, and many options, you can’t beat hardwood flooring.

Types of Hardwood Floors
You can pick one of two types of hardwood flooring depending on your needs. The two types are engineered and solid. Solid hardwood floors are the more popular of the two and they are perfect for high grade floor installations. During the installation, one-piece boards are attached with nails to a sub-floors. This type of flooring is often installed unfinished so that colors and finishes can be added to suit the tastes of the homeowner.

The other type, engineered hardwood, is made of at least two wood layers laminated together. The bottom layer is a soft wood backing and the top layer is a veneer, which comes pre-finished. Rather than being installed with nails, the boards are glued to the sub-floor, which makes it great for basements or below grade installations.

Hardwood flooring becomes part of a homeowner’s daily life. They are beautiful and are available in a variety of styles. They can be reinvigorated with a little sanding or refinishing, and if they are cared for, they can last for more than a century. They are beautiful, practical, and functional.

Hardwood Flooring Benefits
If you are choosing from among several different flooring options, remember how much hardwood flooring can offer. Not only do they offer a wonderful return on your investment, they provide a classic and elegant look to your home.

Today’s real estate market is tough, and homeowners want to do everything they can to sell their home as quickly as possible. Often, installing hardwood floors can help. Real estate agents agree that not only to homes with hardwood floors sell faster, they sell at a higher price point. Some homeowners have reported doubling their investment when they sell their home after installing hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors aren’t just for people interested in selling their homes, however. They are also great for people who have no intention of moving. With its long life and versatile look, even so called discount hardwood floors will last a long time and will blend well with virtually any decorating style.

Keeping hardwood floors looking their best for years is easier now than ever. If you sweep and vacuum regularly and use a professional cleaning product every one in a while, your hardwood floors will look gorgeous for decades. Read more about discount hardwood floors to find the best solution for your needs.

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