Infographic reveals what flowers mean around your home

Today we came across the following infographic:


Immediately, this is something that made us think of the home. After all, flowers are a particularly common theme, but most of us simply opt for what “looks” the best. We don’t for a moment think about the hidden meanings, which is where this infographic stepped into the picture.

We’re not going to delve into every flower that’s based on the infographic. After all, there are fifty in total and you may as well head over there for yourself.

Instead, this is more about the origins of these meanings.

Ancient Greece is one of the most common and if you were to analyze a lot of the flowers on the page, you would find that a surprisingly high number of them arrive from Greek mythology.

Of course, this isn’t the only nation that is responsible for flowers. For example, in the case of Foxglove in the infographic, we were somewhat intrigued to find out that this flower derived from folklore. While there is a whole story to read about this, a top-line overview is that folklore states that foxes used to stalk prey with these flowers attached to their paws in a bid to silence themselves.

While all of this history can be interesting to read, what impact does it make to our homes? Well, all of these little stories apparently link to each flower having its own meaning. So, if we return to the example of Foxglove again, this is something that is thought to have healing properties. As such, if someone in your home is sick, this is one of those flowers that could be a good option for the room.

Some of the other meanings revolve around elegance, neatness, wealth and purity and many of us would suggest that these serve more of a purpose in our homes.

Regardless, mull over the infographic and see which types of flowers are going to be more appropriate for your home and family.