Jean Nouvel’s ‘Burj Doha’ Shapes Gulf City’s Skyline


Jean Nouvel‘s ‘Burj Doha’ is firmly rooted in the gulf city skyline with a delicate, lace-like layered facade that recalls shanasheel screens common in the area, albeit on a grand scale.

The 761 foot tall building is a massive, rounded cylindrical composition of the carved lattice work that acts as a smart shading screen in the hot desert climate of Qatar’s largest city. jean-nouvel-burj-doha-qatar-01


The design in the first to successfully employ dia-grid reinforced concrete over the entirety of the building skin, thereby creating a sunscreening envelope on a massive scale that appropriates the moucharabiah and butterfly-shaped linear patterns to fracture light within every interior volume.



Vast green space and a vertical garden are the first of its kind in the state of Qatar. The tower, located on corniche road in the city center overlooks the waters of the gulf– an expanse of blue that can be seen through the filleted circumference of a dome that seamlessly caps the rounded skyscraper.





Additionally topped by a lightning conductor at a level of 231.5 meters above ground, the elaborate cousin of the famed burj khalifa has a total built up area of approximately 110,000 square meters.

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