Louis Vuitton Travel Accessories by Constance Guisset

…just because you’re in economy class doesn’t mean you can’t fly with classy accessories like these by Constance Guisset for Louis Vuitton. Part of the larger, 16-piece Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades collection, the ‘Col de Voyage’ and ‘Lunettes de Sommeil’ are two of the pieces in this super fancy travel-inspired line.

Col de Voyage is a sweet little neck pillow with layers of crescent-shaped pads that can be flipped to either side for added comfort in the skies.

“Col de Voyage and Lunettes de Sommeil, objects inspired by the idea of Voyage and imagined for Louis Vuitton’s Objects Nomades collection.

Elegant accomplices in our travel, this objects aim to be companions of a parenthesis that exits outside time. The idea was to reconceive the traditional travel kit through a deep research in ergonomy, foam and fabric comfort and harmony in shapes.”

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