Misty Peak Teas has redesigned the shape of the puer tea bing.


Puer was the first tea. It is the most drank tea in the world, and tea is the most drank beverage
in the world next to water. It’s history dates back more than two millenniums when it was first
cultivated in China, helping build some of the greatest empires the world has ever seen. It then
became an expensive commodity: the highest price ever paid for tea was for an aged puer.

Since then, puer tea has hardly changed; it is grown, fermented, and pressed in the manner it
always has been. The shape is almost invariably a disk – called a bing – and it has looked like
this since 25 AD, as it was carried thousands of miles on foot, and traded for war horses. It is
simple and effective – easy to store, transport, and craft by hand.


The company itself, run by brothers Nicholas Lozito and Phil America, has become one of the
most well known tea brands in the world of tea. Most notably, they have the number one ranked
puer tea out of over 50,000 teas online!

Today, Misty Peak Teas has decided to break the rules – they have changed the shape of the
bing. Why? By reinventing this iconic shape, they are trying to spark a dialogue about holding
onto the past and forging new traditions. Misty Peak Tea questions the reason no one has
changed this design in 2000 years. Is everyone that attached to history? Can no one imagine
something new? Or are people just afraid of controversial choices? It shouldn’t be
groundbreaking to press puer tea into a new shape…yet it is. It makes a statement. While puer
tea has an immense history in the East, it can have new meaning in the West. Our generation
can make something our own, can create something new that not only thinks outside the box,
but does away with the box entirely.


The new Misty Peak Teas puer is in the shape of a mountain, like its namesake. The shape is
sleek and bold, a piece that can be displayed as easily as it can be broken up and drank
peacefully. It is a reminder to always think in alternate ways and never accept creative
complacency. It is a reminder to use our imaginations. Something old can always be made new,
while at the same time respecting the authenticity of its roots.

Misty peak teas welcomes you to the future.