‘Morph’ — World’s First Folding Wheel by vitamins design

London-based vitamins design studio works between the areas of science, technology and business. Their ‘Folding Wheel’ invention has been included in the London Design Museum’s ‘Designs of the Year 2013‘ shortlist, and is being presented in an accompanying exhibition at the institution until July 7th, 2013.

Having the ability of being collapsed makes it easy for one to transport and store a set of four during travel, such as in the overhead locker on an airplane, or trunk of a small car as a result of the wheels taking a smaller, more convenient shape — in their open, functioning state each wheel measures 24″ in diameter, folding down to a compact 32″ x 12,5″ when not in use; weighing only 7.5 lbs a piece and made from glass filled nylon with a polypropylene hand rim.

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