New York Loft by Michael Haverland

This dreamy New York loft (listed at $19.5M) was designed by renowned architect Michael Haverland. He cleverly used industrial conduits and materials (concrete, steel, walnut finishes, natural light, and hand-blown glass) to create a very clean and luminous modern look, while managing to keep the volume of the space and harnessing a warm environment.

The penthouse duplex here is actually two penthouse apartments combined into one 8,100-square-foot space whose sprawl is only augmented by the sixteen-foot ceilings.

It contains one of three indoor wood-burning fireplaces, and a private entrance to the terrace.

This part of the extensive outdoor space looks north and west, with a good view of the goings-on at Palazzo Chupi (that pink building).

Some further information from the architect:

‘This 8,000 square foot space occupies the top two floors of a converted parking garage, the oldest concrete structure in New York City.

The design of the open space explores the tension between ‘Free Plan’ and ‘Room Plan’ approaches. The resulting design creates both open, loft-like spaces ans smaller, intimate rooms. An eighty-foot travertine and concrete wall delineates a cascading stair from the smaller and more private library, woodshop, exercise room and sleeping lofts. The front rooms on the main floor, a living room, two dining rooms and kitchen, are open and connecte to the back home office, family room and guest suite with an open vista to a future lap pool.

Juxtapositions of cool industrial equipment (exposed conduit and outdoor light switches) and rich, luscious materials (walnut) create a balance between warm and clean modern looks.’

All photos by Evan Joseph, Eliot Kauffman, Carl Wooley.

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