How Often Should I Check my House for Pests?

Having regular pest inspections can be a very efficient way to protect your home against insects. Waiting until you notice a problem isn’t always the smartest approach, especially when you consider how fast an infestation can grow before you even see the obvious signs of bugs. In other words, once you see them wandering around in your kitchen, they are likely already out of control in the rest of the house.

Professionals like Fox Pest Control, a Corpus Christi exterminator, will offer regular inspections to take a closer look. Or you can always be a little more proactive and keep an eye out on your own. In either case, what kind of schedule is best?

On Your Own

There is no reason why you can’t do a little checking around the house on your own, to save on costs. It also means you can do a little amateur inspection whenever you feel like rather than have to plan and arrange for specialists to come out.

In this case, you should take a few minutes to poke around the hidden spots of your home perhaps every couple of months. Use a flashlight and check the back corners of your lower kitchen cabinets, especially under the sink area. Do a walk-through of your basement, again checking hidden areas that seldom see light, such as behind furniture or appliances, and in crawl-spaces.

You’re looking for more than just scurrying insects though. Look for unusual build-up of dirt, debris or wood dust. Dead bugs or even just insect parts are also clues that you have more pests in your house than you would like. If you think you are seeing signs of a new colony of some kind, place down a few sticky glue traps and see what you catch. With some results in the traps, you can consider some extermination techniques or just go ahead and call in a professional.

Calling in a Pro

Now, if we’re talking about professional inspections, then you’ll want to take a different approach since you’ll be paying for someone to come out. For a professional visit, the usual pattern is once a year unless you are seeing obvious signs of a problem. If you happen to live in an area where termites are a real concern, then you might want to plan on having inspections twice a year to protect your house. Talk to your pest specialist about it.

Exterminators are happy to schedule inspections to make sure your house is bug-free, but remember this isn’t usually a free service. You can get no-cost estimates only when you have an existing problem that needs to be dealt with. A preventative inspection is a different service altogether.

After your inspection, your professional should be able to fill you in on the state of your bug population. Hopefully, there won’t be anything to report but if there are signs of insects, they should be able to offer some helpful advice on how to deal with it and what a treatment will involve. Remember, you aren’t obligated to hire the same exterminator should the inspection turn up a problem. Feel free to consider their information before you take action.