Five Tips for Creating the Perfect Man-Cave


It’s never too late to think about investing in a man cave. In fact, having your own space becomes more relevant the older you get, because you tend to be burdened with more responsibilities (or you are simply more interested in having some time off). After a tiresome day of work in virtually every department, there’s nothing quite like resigning to a room catered exclusively to your own personal taste. Here are five tips for creating the perfect man cave for you. Continue Reading

Exploding Pendant Lamp by David Wahl for the IKEA PS 2014 Collection

Pendant Lamp

David Wahl has designed this ‘exploding’ pendant lamp for the upcoming IKEA PS Collection 2014 and it already appears to be the highlight piece – not that I’m belittling the other great pieces pieces from the collection, but its easy to see why this transforming pendant lamp will likely go on to become an IKEA bestseller. Continue Reading

Little Window Seat Inside The Closet Ideas

Window Seat3

In times of life running at the speed of a web browser, it’s extremely difficult to get focused. Continue Reading

Awnings Protect Your Home & Your Family


Awnings are ideal for shielding your home and family from the intense rays of the sun. You can reduce the heat in your home and the utility costs just by adding awnings to your window coverings. Awnings can help you make the most of your outdoor areas, from BBQ’s to pools, an awning can add a new dimension to your home. The type of awning best suited for your house depends on its use, location and personal choice. Some of the most popular and effective awning available include: Continue Reading

Work spirit designer solution by Orgatec


Regardless of whether one is talking about the “open office”, “work culture” or “work spirit”, or whether one is looking at modular, universal or individual office solutions, no revolution is presently in sight in the realm of work and related office systems. Granted, the evolution of the office continues – towards more communication and less routine. If the customer is only bold enough, a variety of product lines are ready to revamp the workplace. Continue Reading