Fall 2014 Trend Report

century furniture

This fall Century steps up once again showcasing bold combinations of fabric and finish. From their lobby which is a powerful display of Maximalism at its best to the quieter moments of more organic neutrals, they weld their vast range of product styles skillfully which is ultimately what sets them apart. There are few other furniture companies in the marketplace who cover the breadth of styles that Century covers and the ability to pull it all together into one 80,000 sqft showroom is nothing short of miraculous. Continue Reading

The Lighting For Bedroom

lighting for bedroom4

The room light is a key factor, why not just have to take into account the way in which he makes his entrance natural light, and then analyze and define how we will reinforce it with artificial light to reach the ideal. Similarly, you should keep in mind the weather we can generate with them and with the combination of styles and colors. Continue Reading

Cool Office Interior Ideas

Cool Office8

Creating a cool office space can and should reflect a company’s culture. It can be a sense of pride for employees and an attractive selling point to recruits. Continue Reading

Siblings Sharing a Room Ideas And Tips

sharing room

Sometimes room-sharing is a choice, and other times, it’s a necessity. After all, not every home has one bedroom per kid. But whether by choice or necessity, similar issues may arise when you set up roommates of the non-rent-paying variety. Continue Reading

Bedroom Lighting Systems Ideas

Bedroom Lighting5

If you’re planning to install or refurbish a media room, you’ll want to explore some media room lighting ideas so that your entertainment space features the right type and quality of lighting. Continue Reading