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SLIDEIDENTITY Offers Italian Design at Affordable Prices

Watches are historically an expression of one’s personality, now everyone can express their individual identity, and adapt to the occasion.  With so many ways to keep track of time these days, the ideal timepiece is one that adorns the wrist, reflecting vitality, style, and uniqueness.  This was the challenge that accomplished Italian designer Andrea Palama tackled head on when he founded Slide Identity.  Slide Identity is a new force in the market, combining expertise in design and manufacturing, with a smart lifestyle concept to define the next generation of wearables. Continue Reading

6 Critical Logo Design Points for Good Branding


As the visual symbol of your brand, your logo design embodies your identity and creates a sense of trust in the minds of your customers. If you have an established brand, or you’re starting a new business, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your logo using the following six points. Continue Reading

What Makes Wicker Furniture a Good Investment


Written by: Wicker Paradise

Wicker furniture used to be the furnishing of kings. It was fairly uncommon to find more than a few wicker pieces in the home of middle or upper class families of ancient times. Wicker was reserved for royalty, and that same level of style and quality can now be a part of your home. Wicker isn’t just a purchase, it’s an investment in something that can last a lifetime. Continue Reading

Ideas for finding your dream home in Laval

home for sale in laval

Laval is the largest suburb of Montreal , the third largest municipality in the province of Quebec, and the 14th largest city in Canada with a population of 368,709 in 2006. 2010 estimates put the population of the suburb at nearly 400,000. Continue Reading

Cleaning Floors The Eco-friendly Way With A Hoover Unplugged SteamJet


Modern-day floor cleaning solutions usually contain a wide range of chemicals many of which can cause adverse health effects over their prolonged use. Fortunately, Hoover Unplugged SteamJet solutions provide for a more hygienic, more eco-friendly, and more affordable way to clean and disinfect floor.

The likes of SteamJet SSN1700 not only cleans floors of their visible dirt, dust and debris but it also disinfects them by killing 99.9% of bacteria, germs and other pathogens sans the use of chemical cleaning solutions. All you need is water and voilà! Clean floors that even your kids can roll around on. Continue Reading