3 Inspiring building designs around the World

The fundamentals of building design lead us to create amazing furniture, incredible space saving innovations and minimalist styles which can be used to define a futuristic building. Oak Furniture UK highlight what they call an “Inspiring Interior” every week over at their blog and here is a few of their highlights over the past couple of weeks that take us around the world to sample some of the most innovative building designs of modern times.

The Cube Houses of Rotterdam



Designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom (1934-1999), these iconic cubes were revealed unto the world in 1978, but construction wasn’t completed until 1984. Constructed using a wooden skeletal core, the houses are part of one single structure, which was covered with cement and fibreboard and insulated using stone wool. Continue Reading

Jewelery by Inges Idée

Artist Inges Idée installed giant sized jewelery on the Karlsplatz parking garage in Düsseldorf, Germany. A total of ten individual pieces were created and threaded onto the garage’s perforated façade for the 2004 installation. The jewelery Idée designed was meant to represent those of the shoppers in the adjoining fashion center. The works literally transform the building into a jewelery display case.

Condiment Gun by Firebox

Surfing on the internet, I found this funny condiment gun (£14.95) from Firebox. Sausages, chips and burgers will be unable to dodge the splodge once you arm yourself with a Condiment Gun. This brilliantly ridiculous sauce dispenser is ideal for anyone who loves squirtable condiments such as ketchup, mustard and brown sauce.

For more informtation visit: www.firebox.com.

Canon ‘Snap’ by Atomare

Canon Snap | Atomare

‘Due to its small size and ring form, this miniature snapshot camera by atomare can be always with you. Against the trend of putting more and more functions into electronic devices, the idea for this camera was to make it as simple and easy to use as possible.The most important point for a snapshot camera is of course that you have it active the right moment. Therefore the whole electronic is put into a flexible gel-ring that can be easily worn on the index finger. In combination with the easy to use one button interface quick accessibility and fun taking snapshots is guarantied.’

This camera concept was developed as contribution to the Designtope Design Awards 2006. Canon Snap, always active.

Make your own squid

make your own squid

Make your own squid  and set it free!