Work spirit designer solution by Orgatec


Regardless of whether one is talking about the “open office”, “work culture” or “work spirit”, or whether one is looking at modular, universal or individual office solutions, no revolution is presently in sight in the realm of work and related office systems. Granted, the evolution of the office continues – towards more communication and less routine. If the customer is only bold enough, a variety of product lines are ready to revamp the workplace. Continue Reading

Headboard Shelf Ideas

headboard shelf ideas4

Space is usually at a premium in the bedroom but a headboard with storage shelves can help you to save on floor space. Continue Reading

Room Color Ideas – Decorating with Color

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Energize that outdated. Invigorate your bedroom with a fresh new perspective. Create a whole new space for your rooms. The interior design ideas you need are here, waiting to be discovered. Our inspirational designs are a series of room makeovers created to stir your imagination. You can use part, or all of our room painting ideas, or maybe just use the inspiration to come up with a whole new approach of your own. It’s your space. Transform it with your own personal sense of style. Continue Reading



Now in its 17th year, IDS brings together the newest & most innovative of international and Canadian design. With three full days of inspirational exhibits, influential speakers & leading products, IDS is not just a fair — it’s a total design experience.   Continue Reading

Installing Sliding Shower Doors: A Step By Step Guide

Sliding shower doors look great in any bathroom, and they’re particularly good in smaller rooms where space is of concern. Installing sliding shower doors is definitely within reach of most DIY’ers as long as you adequately prepare for the job and take your time.
Always refer to the instructions for your specific sliding shower doors, but these steps for the Aqua Spa Deluxe Sliding Shower Door should help you get the right fit. Continue Reading