Get Creative with Upholstery Fabric


Like any craft friend, I love working with high quality fabrics. They can be a little tougher to work with, but produce great results that last. You may pay a bit more for these fabrics, but that extra cost is balanced out by the great results. My favourite high quality material is upholstery fabric.

Now I can hear you thinking upholstery fabric. What can you do with that apart from cover a sofa? Well the answer is quite a lot.

Here are a few ideas for some home projects that you can tackle using upholstery textiles. Continue Reading

‘Smash’ alarm clock by Matthias Lange

Smash alarm clock | Matthias Lange

It is a really interesting design. Love it. The alarm clock ‘Smash’ visualizes the daily usage in form of deformations on the top surface of the device. The alarm is switched off by punching on the top of the alarm clock.

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Graphics, Art, and Photography from the Obama campaign

‘Following on from the James Danziger Gallery (founded in 1989,) Danziger Projects opened in November 2004 in the heart of the Chelsea art district. Focusing primarily on artists working in photography, but also exhibiting video and painting, Danziger Projects combines the presentation of new work with the rediscovery and re-assessment of work by established voices.’

From January 20 to February 28, 2009, the gallery based in New York shows an exhibition called ‘CAN & DID – Graphics, Art, and Photography from the Obama Campaign’. Continue Reading

Graphic designer Shigeo Fukuda dies at 76

The influential Japanese graphic designer Shigeo Fukuda died of a stroke in Tokyo on January 11, 2009, he was 76 years old. The designer was well-known for his anti-war and activist posters which featured iconic and simple graphics. He did very little client work and mainly concentrated on social and cultural concerns as well as exhibit design. Many of his works used humor as key element and often played with visual tricks. Fukuda was the first Japanese designer inducted into the new york art directors club hall of fame and was invited by designer Paul Rand to exhibit at the IBM gallery in 1967.

‘I believe that in design, 30 percent dignity, 20 percent beauty and 50 percent absurdity are necessary.’

Read the whole story: The New York Times.

Creative Teen Bedroom Ideas

creative Teen Bedrooms ideas

Decorating a teenage girl’s bedroom is a creative art work for parent to fulfill the needs of a teen especially girls having many desires in their mind regarding their room. Continue Reading