Deck out your home with the latest tech

Has your home entered the high-tech generation yet?  Or is it still full of quaint furnishings from yesteryear? Don’t get me wrong, fine antiques have their place in any smart interior, but here we’re talking about cutting-edge modern furnishings that have multiple uses, look space-age gorgeous and do clever techie things too! Continue Reading

Luxury Kitchen Design Choices

Contemporary Kitchen

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen or designing it just the way you’ve always imagined? Having a kitchen of one’s own is a luxury in itself, and it is often the room in the house that most closely reflects an owner’s personal style. The kitchen is a place of gathering and socializing and is probably where you spend a good deal of your time, so it’s a room that you really want to feel luxurious and comfortable. So you want to renovate your kitchen, but you’re not a design expert? Don’t worry. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of design to add some great touches to your home. Think about these tips to incorporate into your kitchen to create a more luxurious feel. Continue Reading

How to choose the house you need?


It’s necessary to highlight the importance of choosing the right place and location to buy your house, but in house hunting there are many factors that come into play before making the decision. So this time some clues are listed to help you make the best choice. Emphasis is given to that it is important to be clear about what you need, what your preferences are and what your buying power is. Some places may not be for you, while others might turn out to be perfect. Continue Reading

Using Household Items to Brighten Your Home’s Design


Sometimes places that seemed gorgeous and bright with colors become dull and boring with time and usage, well things do not have to remain the same as you can creatively make use of readily available materials in your home to improve your décor. The greatest thing about your own creations is that you will find them nowhere else but your home unless you decide to commercialize your skills! Continue Reading

Selecting the Right Flooring for your Home


When choosing an interior design look for your new home, flooring is a vital part of the decision process. Flooring should complement and match both walls and furnishings, whether one opts for hardwood, engineered wood types, carpeting or tiles.

Laying down a new floor is a troublesome task – far more so than buying a new sofa or even new kitchen appliances – so opting for what’s cheapest may not always be the best option further down the road. You want a floor that’s going to last: one that can live through the odd spilt drink, that your kids will crawl on, play on – perhaps learn to walk on – so it’s worth asking some questions about your lifestyle and your expectations before you even start shopping around. Continue Reading