‘Mittens’ by Suck UK

‘Another classic design from Tobias Wong. Mittens with a metal eyelet to perfectly fit your cigarette. Helps you keep your hands warm when you are smoking outside. And you are going to be smoking outside a lot now the ban has been introduced!’

More: www.suck.uk.com.

Lucky Ticket cookies

Lucky Ticket Cookies | Art Lebedev Studio

‘In Russia, where bus, trolley and tram tickets have 6-digit numbers, people believe that if the sum of the first three digits on yours equals the sum of the last three, your ticket is a lucky one and you are supposed to eat it.

For the Russian Ministry of Transport, we created a unique cookies design—each cookie is a lucky ticket.’

More: www.artlebedev.com.

‘wishy washy’ soap by Suck UK

wishy washy | Suck UK

‘How many times have you been sitting in your bath and wished Christina Aguilera would appear? Well sadly this is a lamp, not a bottle. So that’s not going to happen – but give it a rub anyway! who knows, a genie might pop out and grant your wish! (as long as your wish is to be very clean) soap in the shape of a genie’s lamp.

If you rub a Genie’s lamp he will appear and grant you three wishes, similar things happen when you rub the Wishy Washy lamp shaped soap, and we use the word similar, quite wrongly. But at least you’ll be clean.’

More: www.suck.uk.com.

‘Dispatchwork’ by Jan Vormann

In his ongoing project ‘Dispatchwork‘ artist Jan Vormann uses LEGO bricks to repair damaged walls.
He started by patching-up surfaces in Bocchignano, Italy and has since employed the technique on walls in Tel Aviv and Berlin.

‘Eva’s bed’ by h2o architectes

Paris firm h2o architectes have completed an elevated child’s bed that also forms a partition and play area in a Paris residence.

The structure includes shelves, steps, hidden compartments and passages for the children to play in and around.

Photos by Stéphane Chalmeau. Continue Reading