cardboard lamps by Graypants, Inc.

Scrap Lights | Graypants, Inc. | 1

At this year’s ICFF, Graypants, Inc. displayed their ‘Scrap’ Lights, a series of lampshades which inject new spirit into discarded pieces of corrugated cardboard.
Made entirely from repurposed cardboard boxes, each lampshade is individually handmade, slightly varying in shape and size, making each one unique.
They come in a selection of shapes, including bell shads, irregular-shaped shades and disc-shaped shades. Continue Reading

Lacoste and Zaha Hadid launch limited-edition footware

London architect Zaha Hadid has designed a range of shoes and limited edition boots for footwear brand Lacoste.

A leather strap on the limited edition version curls around the leg and is secured by a bi-stable, metal band at knee height for the women’s boot or ankle height for the men’s.

The leather is embossed with a pattern based on a grid wrapped around the shape of a foot. Continue Reading

‘Play All Day': Design for Children

Play All Day: Design for Children

Play All Day documents a collection of the most vibrant, stimulating and engaging design products and concepts for children. This book sets a new standard of design for children with fascinating examples of innovative and well-designed toys, playgrounds and play environments, room decorations, wall coverings, furniture and kindergarten architecture. In addition to these products, it also presents illustration and photography as well as new and original ideas offering playful solutions that talented designers and creative parents are designing for and with their kids. It is an inspiring reference for design-savvy parents and other professionals.’


‘UFO’ mono-use disposable plate by Andrea Ruggiero

UFO | Andrea Ruggiero | 1

‘UFO’ / Unidentified Feeding Object is a picnic plate to be used once and then disposed of by launching it into the bushes, exactly like a frisbee. Upon impact, the plates break into smaller pieces and become feed for animals (birds, squirrels, or rats), referencing Braungart and McDonough’s waste = food principle. Continue Reading

‘El Compadre’ beach furniture

Hector Galvan of Mexico-based studio Omelette has designed ‘El Compadre’ a 2kg beach chair, that comes in pairs. It is made from recycled, dehydrated wood and epoxy paint.
‘Abstracting the landscape by direct contact, the design extends beyond the small portable object, incorporating the very ground. Sand and wood are an integral half of the furniture.’