‘Sushi Roller’ by Osko + Deichmann

German based studio Osko + Deichmann with ‘Sushi Roller’ will be part of the Kitchen Ecology Exhibition in Los Angeles, June 2009.

Sushi, being a traditional Japanese dish, has been becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the United States over the last decade. Recently sushi is being transferred from the restaurant to the home. More and more people are trying to make their own sushi. Preparing the ingredients for a maki-roll is quite easy, but the rolling itself, with the traditional bamboo-mat, is difficult without practice. The ‘Sushi Roller’ solves the problem enabling everybody to make perfectly round, thick maki-rolls.

‘COSY’ by Marie-Louise Gustafsson

COSY | Marie-Louise Gustafsson

‘A sofa table with removable mattress. Making it cosy for the ones that enjoy lying under the table. In collaboration with Anna Kraitz.’

Material: Lacquered wood with an upholstered mattress.

For more: www.marielouise.se.

‘FIKA’ by Marie-Louise Gustafsson

FIKA | Marie-Louise Gustafsson

‘Designed to enable a free choice of length of the bench. The leg pieces can be added as required according to the length of the bench, with or without a tray.’

Material: Cast iron with a solid wood seat.

For more visit: www.marielouise.se.

Cardboard Laptop Cradle by Eric Stif

Cardboard Laptop Cradle | Eric Stif

The ‘Cardboard Laptop Cradle’ is a simple, eco-friendly and useful idea created by Eric Stiff. It’sGreenDesign adapted it to use the left over wine boxes from Gottino. Drusian’s Prosecco box is a perfect fit- with an attractive design, in black and white. Come into Gottino for a glass of our Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, ask for a wine box and do it yourself.

Via: www.ilovegottino.com.

children’s book illustrator Isabelle Arsenault

Isabelle Arsenault studied graphic design before plunging herself into the world of illustration. She contributes to magazines and newspapers across the US and Canada, and has been the recipient of major illustration awards such as the prestigious Governor General’s Literary Awards for illustration, Communication Arts Illustration Annual, and the National Magazine Awards of Canada. ‘Le Coeur de Monsieur Gauguin’, the original french version of ‘Mr. Gaugin’s heart’ is her first book.

Isabelle Arsenault often uses a unique color palette with soft and earth-toned colors for her expressive figures and poses.