‘Porcupine Desk’ by Hella Jongerius

‘As an ideal companion to the Panton Chair, the Porcupine Desk provides children with a perfect place to play or draw. The small wooden table contrasts appealingly with the plastic chairs and also asserts a distinctive identity with its asymmetrical shape. The table surface shows a printed motif resembling a charm bracelet, with animal shapes and other symbols attached to a chain link circle. Some of the links in the chain are bored through the tabletop, so that coloured markers supplied with the desk can be stored in the holes. Add a little imagination, and the table resembles a porcupine— which is what inspired the name.’

For further information visit: www.vitra.com.

newspaper furniture by David Stovell

newspaper furniture | David Stovell

Inspired to extend the ephemeral life of newspapers, David Stovell’s Sunday Paper products consist of tightly rolled newspapers strapped together into stools.

Stovewell’s simple yet beautifully effective Sunday papers explore the “compressed life cycle” of the material: “[they] have a cultural and economic value, and that the same product has a different set of values by Monday morning, in that the news is old news and their value is for pulp. I wondered that if by simply repackaging, the material life cycle could be extended.”

How to make your own newspaper stool: www.stovelldesign.co.uk.

Star Wars Kokeshi Dolls

Temple7e presents original hand painted Kokeshi dolls for your enjoyment. Available in many colors and styles, you are sure to find the one you love. Adorable works of art that anyone can afford, Kokeshi dolls are perfect for everyone.

Every Kokeshi is hand painted and signed by the artist.’

‘Schlicht’ by Nathan Mills

Schlicht | Nathan Mills

More: www.coroflot.com.

‘Book Book Shelf’ by Not Tom

Book Book Shelf | Not Tom

The idea for the ‘Book Book Shelf’ came from the realization of how many books are discarded on a regular basis. These particular books were to be thrown out at the end of a jumble sale and we wondered what more could be made of them. We like the idea that value can be added to many discarded items through ingenuity and redefinition of context.’

Via: www.not-tom.com.