The ODA ROOM | New York | USA | ODA

The ROOM by Office for Design & Architecture (ODA) is a modular dwelling system intended to be retrofitted into existing spaces. Designed as an adjustable yet custom solution for bedrooms, The ROOM consists of three elements: the Pod, the Media Station and the Satellite. ‘Made affordable by the use of simple materials and construction methods that can be dressed up or down according to budget. The appearance and arrangement can be adjusted to fit within rooms of all sizes and for users of all ages.’

The product began as a custom project for a client who wanted a “room” for a teenager in a loft-like space. As ODA progressed they realized that The Room could be made of modular parts and could be adjusted (made compact or sprawling) for various space requirements which led to it being productized.

‘Isabella’ by Ryan Frank

‘Isabella is a totem pole style stacking stool inspired by the traditional carved seating found in many African countries. Wanting to avoid the use of exotic hardwoods, a solid section of strawboard has been used for the structure.

The straw profile is then wrapped in felt for a comfortable, brightly colored and textile product.’

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‘Sharpener Ring’

Sharpener Ring

‘Sharpener Ring’, the luxury tool for architects, designers, artists, illustrators, … etc.’


‘Cindy Lamp’ By Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell

Cindy Lamp | Ferruccio Laviani

This table lamp, in its shape typical of the seventies, is given new form and color. The ‘Cindy Lamp’ with a conical lampshade and rounded teardrop base comes in a broad range of all metallic tones: platinum, bronze, mint green, tangerine, ultramarine, flamingo, gun metal and violet. Cindy’s special feature is its shiny chrome-like finish – a contemporary twist, a touch of richness, radiating a multitude of iridescent reflections. cindy uses an energy-saving light bulb.

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CampFire by Invotis Orange

CampFire | Invotis Orange

‘Gather around this beautiful tea light, drink your tea and sing along with your friends. Just like on a romantic outdoor night by the campfire.’