‘Reed Space’ by Upsetter Architects

Reed Space is a shop interior in Tokyo, designed by Japanese firm upsetters architects and featuring shelves made of chairs. Rows of small wooden chairs are attached to the wall and used to display the products. Continue Reading

‘Offside Coat’ Rack by Runa Klock

Offside Coat Rack | Runa Klock

‘Taking its inspiration from table football, young Norwegian designer Runa Klock has added a female twist and a new function to this popular game by turning the players into hangers. With hidden wall mounting, the 5 players tilt and move sideways to make room for bulkier clothing.’

Manufactured in stainless steel and recyclable plastic. Choose a coat rack with either 5 red or 5 green players; mounted with aluminum casing.

For further informattion visit: www.huset-shop.com.

‘The New Decider’ by Mr Jones Watches

The New Decider | Mr Jones Watches

‘The New Decider helps you make decisions: as the seconds tick round the words “yes” and “no” are alternately displayed. When you need to make a decision, simply glance at the watch for your answer. A magnifying dome sits just above the answer window to aid visibility

The New Decider may not always be right, but as Tony Soprano observes,“a wrong decision is better than indecision”.’

Price: US$149,-

For more: www.mrjoneswatches.com

Balcony Planter

Balcony Planter

‘The modern answer to the traditional balcony planter. Can be affirmed to any banister with a maximum diameter of 6 cm. 2 separate compartments makes combined planting easy. Available in white only.’

More: www.uptoyoutoronto.com.

P-Hook Bookmarks

P-Hook Bookmarks

‘Your bookshelf could really use this for the pages you love and always have a hard time finding in a rush!

Pack of 12. Three each of four colors.

Price: $7.00

Via: www.blackinkboston.com.