contemporary architecture in painting

‘Renaissance artist used images of “contemporary” architecture as background of their painting.

How could a Renaissance artist react to our cities build in the name of economic benefit and rationality?

This is a possible interpretation…’


The WisdomTree Bookshelf by Jordi Milà

Spanish designer Jordi Milà has created the WisdomTree bookshelf.

‘The WisdomTree is for people who see books as a source of knowledge and emotions and not simply as decorative objects. Its fluid and organic shape is inspired by growth of a plant. The books that represent the fruit of knowledge are supported by pieces covered in leather.’

music player made of china

music player made of china

‘We’re all used to the typical glossy music speakers in black, silver and all kinds of iPod flavors. Rarely do speakers look as pretty and delicate and Jie Ong’s china and petal-motified speakers. When you turn it off, it swivels into a simple china vase. You turn the volume up or down by twisting the top. Simple and sweet, and definitely a nice change of pace!’


Cardboard Safari Rhino

Cardboard Safari creates unique, cardboard, home decor products.

‘Our Rhino figures are laser-cut for precision fit and easy assembly using slotted construction. They look great in their native brown or white and can be decorated with paint, glitter, wrapping paper or other craft materials.

Each trophy is made from recycled cardboard, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product.’


Pyramid Book Case by Fitting

Pyramid Book Case | Fitting

Brand new from Italian manufacturer Fitting: the “Pyramid Book Case” – a modular shelving unit you can adjust according to your home space and storage needs.

The system is made of aluminum-finished inclined boxes with transverse shelf for better arrangement of books, DVDs and other similar items. Depending on the wall dimensions you can choose how much of these boxes to arrange, hence the height of the “pyramid”.