‘Split’ box shelves by Peter Marigold

Milan: ‘Split’ box shelves by Peter Marigold for SCP

Split uses a simple geometric principle:

‘The inverted angles of a shape split into pieces will always add up to 360 degrees. The angles can be interchanged but will always form a whole. The principle was used to create a stool with storage space. The angled wood becomes evident when opened.’

Peter Marigold’s asymmetrical, hand crafted shelving units have been selected for the assembly line of British furniture manufacturer SCP. The Split Boxes came out of the idea that splitting a branch any four ways would still create a 360º whole – an idea that has now been adapted for mass production.

‘So far I’ve been making them to order so each one is totally unique. It will be interesting to see how they fare as an industrial product,’ says Marigold.

More: www.petermarigold.com.

Quilting Arts by Luke Haynes

Luke Haynes reassembles everyday snapshots as refracted fabric visions. His museum quality quilts transcend the medium, offering warmth and comfort for our slumbering imagination. Continue Reading

Jaime Hayon’s Giant Chess Game for Trafalgar Square

Giant Chess Game | Trafalgar Square | Jaime Hayon

The concept for Jaime Hayon‘s innovative and dynamic art installation to be exhibited in Trafalgar Square during the 2009 London Design Festival is inspired by English culture and its symbolism.

‘The Tournament’ is a giant chess game situated between the two fountains and faces the staircase of the National Portrait Gallery. During the Festival the public can sign up to play through the Festival website and prizes will be awarded to the winners. Continue Reading

‘Invisible Streetlight’ by Jongoh Lee

‘Invisible Streetlight’ emits light at nighttime by saving energy from sunlight during the day.

The most innovative element of ‘Invisible Streetlight’ is that it does not require a support because the flexible body in the shape of tree branch is directly installed to the trees lining a street.

Installation is simple in parks and outskirts of urban centers. Also, Invisible Streetlight does not spoil scenic beauty of the surrounding areas.’

For more visit: www.coroflot.com.

‘Fiducia’ magnetic vases by Louise Campbell

Fiducia magnetic vases | Louise Campbell

‘Fiducia means faith or confidence in Latin – this group of candlesticks and vases cannot stand alone, but only gain their function from being joined together – the strong magnets that link them bestow stability and flexibility. Configurable in a multitude of ways – as pairs, or in an infinitely long, snakelike line, in a closed circle – as you like.

Packaged in a lovely graphic gift box.’

Price: $180.00

For more information visit: www.huset-shop.com.