‘On-Orbit’ coffee cup by Travis Baldwin

‘This inventive coffee cup concept came to Donald Pettit’s mind, who is an astronaut, during the mission STS-126. Instead of using a straw to drink his morning coffee inside a heated aluminum bag, Donald created a cup that could hold liquid in zero gravitation. Travis Baldwin tried to offer his service as a designer to assist him in developing his idea into a real product.’

For more information visit: www.coroflot.com.

Hitachino Nest Beer

Hitachino Nest BeerHitachino Nest Beer is a brand of our quality top-fermented ales. We started brewing Hitachino Nest Beer in 1996 with a hint of our traditional sake brewing method. Since then, we’ve made a name and won numerous awards worldwide. HITACHINO has established the market in the U.S.A. since 2000, is now well known not only as a of unique “Owl” character, but also its innovative brews.’

‘Circle Light’ by OOOMS Studio

Circle Light | OOOMS Studio

‘When looking at the ceiling for a lamp that will be switched on by this light pull, you can look at long as you like, but you won’t find any.

This light pull is actually also the lamp; when pulling the cord, the ring at the end will light up.’

More: www.oooms.nl.

Cardboard Scandock turns your iPhone into a document scanner

Cardboard Scandock

‘High tech meets low tech with this simple corrugated cardboard stand, that makes capturing document images with your iPhone a snap. If you’ve ever attempted to scan a document by just holding up your phone, you’ll know that a blurry image is often the result. This simple stand created by University of Cincinnati DAAP student Kyle A Koch, is an elegant and green solution that holds both the phone and document in the perfect position to get a sharp capture. The stand comes flat packed for just $16 through the Ponoko design store.’

Via: www.dvice.com.

Public Ad Campaign in New York

(…) ‘Today was a very special day in New York. Some wonderful artists gave this city a wonderful gift: they took over about 120 billboards spread around downtown Manhattan, painted them on white and replaced the advertisements they usually hold with art.’ (…)

Via: www.cronicasbarbaras.com.

More pictures: www.flickr.com.