‘X2Chair’ by Giorgio Caporaso

X2Chair | Giorgio Caporaso

‘X2Chair’ is a modular chair with unlimited assembly options for living and public spaces.

For more: www.caporasodesign.it.

‘Hangerpak’ by Steve Haslip

‘The concept was fairly simple: I buy t-shirts online and they always come wrinkled and I always run out of coat-hangers. So I designed a sustainable, reusable way to send and keep your t-shirts. As you open the package you create a coat hanger. The packaging could be made from recycled material whether it is card or plastic and the only waste is the green tear-away tab.

This project won a FIRST prize in the D&AD Student Awards 2007 category ‘What else do you do?’.’

More: www.stevehaslip.com.

‘boat life’ by form us with love

boat life | form us with love

An addition to their new collection of hotel furnishings, the Swedish design studio ‘form us with love‘ has also just released two new products. This one is a collection of tableware designed for Sagaform. The ceramic, glass and wood collection is titled ‘boat life’ and takes inspiration from the Swedish archipelago summer life.

The pieces are designed for serving a variety of seafood and come in a pallet of white, blue, yellow and red.

For more visit: www.sagaform.se.

‘Bird in the Bush’ by Invotis Orange

Bird in the Bush | Invotis Orange

‘These cups are very nice to use but at their best when stacked up, becoming a beautiful sculpture. When you think one bird is not enough, just remember: It’s better to have one bird in the hand, then….’

More: www.invotisorange.com.

Piero Fornasetti tiles for Bardelli

During Milan Design Week 09, Barnaba Fornasetti presented an entire series of tiles, designed by his father Piero Fornasetti and produced by the Italian company Ceramica Bardelli.