‘Petaminx’ by Jason Smith

Petaminx | Jason Smith

The ‘Petaminx’ is a handmade puzzle by puzzle maker Jason Smith.

It just happens to have twice as many sides and many more pieces to align. In all there are 975 parts and 1,212 stickers. It took mere 75 hours to build and that included the molding process and the placing each of those stickers by hand.

WWF paper dispenser

WWF | Paper Dispenser

‘To make people realize that saving the planet starts with them saving paper, we took a standard paper dispenser and made a simple modification with green foil and the silhouette of South America. This allowed us to prove that the survival of the forest is directly connected to what people consume.’

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Simon Wooller
Art Directors/ Copywriters: Cliff Kagawa Holm, Silas Jansson

‘Sing Sing Tray’ by David Weeks

Sing Sing Tray | David Weeks

An exact replica of the trays used in New York’s most notorious prison, the ‘Sing Sing Tray’ will keep your peas and corn separate. Made of food-safe orange melamine, the ‘Sing Sing Tray’ and is perfect for hors d’ouerves, a night in front of the TV, or three squares a day.

Originally made for Butter in 2004, it was re-issued by Kikkerland in 2007.

For more: www.davidweeksstudio.com.

‘iamaKey’ by LaCie

iamaKey | LaCie

‘With the new LaCie iamaKey, inventive storage meets data protection. The key-shaped design is functional and memorable, and the protection that the LaCie iamaKey offers makes it extremely reliable. Best of all, with its 4GB and 8GB models, you can fit an enormous amount of data in a small flash drive.

For more: www.lacie.com.

‘Cloud’ umbrella by Joonsoo Kim

Cloud |  Joonsoo Kim

Created by Dutch designer Joonsoo Kim, the ‘Cloud’ umbrella is carried around in stick form, and then inflated into mini-cumulus clouds of protection when the rain starts to pour.

‘I translated the subject Lightness to two ways. The one of them is Happiness, and another one is Weight. I believe that people will be happy with this ‘Cloud’ umbrella. Besides, an inflatable umbrella can reduce your luggage weight.’