house in Hiyoshi by Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects

Tokyo office Hiroyuki Tanaka architects have recently completed the renovation of a home in Yokohama, Japan.

Called House in Hiyoshi, the architects divided the space using book shelves and added surrounds to the existing windows, creating a desk and display case. Continue Reading

‘Scrubber Seats’ by Jason Taylor

UK  designer Jason Taylor has developed an entire series of seating that appear to be oversized scrubbers and brushes.

The ‘Imagine Brush Table’ is a square shaped table that has a wooden top and a yellow haired base which using the hundreds of individual pieces to support the table. This same design idea has also been employed in the round ‘Lazy Cleaner Stool’ and the long bench ‘scrub together’.

The whole series appears to be oversized versions of actual scrubbers, making us believe that in addition to sitting on, the pieces could also give your floors a bit of a sweep.


‘Hechima 4′ by Ryuji Nakamura

In September 2008, Japanese architect Ryuji Nakamura designed the ‘Hechima 4′ chair which is made of a special kind of paper.

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Pandamonium in Piazza del Popolo


On Saturday 18 April, Rome’s Piazza del Popolo was invaded by panda bears. Meant to raise awareness about the plight of panda bears–there are only 1600 left in the world–the adorable creatures were placed in the piazza by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), an organization that uses the bear as its symbol.

The pandas have moved on now, to the Sicilian city of Syracuse, where they’ll sit atop a bridge.

This week they’ll be put on sale on eBay. Prices should soar as some of the bears will be autographed by such superstars as Francesco Totti, Italy’s reigning football king with funds being used to support World Wildlife Fund projects.

Adopt your very own cuddly animal.

the ‘Graphic Design Heroes’ t-shirt collection by Paul Nini

Graphic Design Heroes | Paul Nini

These t-shirts by American designer Paul Nini called the ‘Graphic Design Heroes‘ collection features 20 different designs – each focused on a famous graphic designer whose name is displayed in their signature style.