‘Radian’ by Alexandre Gaillard

Radian | Alexandre Gaillard

This low table is made of three tables that turn around an axis in the center. The rotation of these three tables modifies the useful surface and multiplies expressions and arrangement possibilities.

For more visit the designer’s website: www.despositogaillard.com.

skyline belt by Beetnik Aesthetics

This stylish white belt features a black metal buckle and a black wrap-around skyline.

$14.00 USD

For more visit: www.beetnikaesthetics.com.

Sushi Bird Tiles

‘Vibrant graphic birds cut from Japanese papers nest on simple illustrations inspired by nature. The white line work illustrations are hand painted on solid natural timber finished in a semi-gloss varnish.

Sushi Bird Tiles‘ are signed artworks made in a limited edition of 50. As they are individually created by hand no two will ever be the same.’

‘Sushi Bird Tiles’ measure 240 x 240 x 20 mm.

Ready to hang.

Buy a set of 3 ‘Sushi Bird Tiles’ for the price of $395.

‘Sushi Roller’ by Osko + Deichmann

German based studio Osko + Deichmann with ‘Sushi Roller’ will be part of the Kitchen Ecology Exhibition in Los Angeles, June 2009.

Sushi, being a traditional Japanese dish, has been becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the United States over the last decade. Recently sushi is being transferred from the restaurant to the home. More and more people are trying to make their own sushi. Preparing the ingredients for a maki-roll is quite easy, but the rolling itself, with the traditional bamboo-mat, is difficult without practice. The ‘Sushi Roller’ solves the problem enabling everybody to make perfectly round, thick maki-rolls.

‘COSY’ by Marie-Louise Gustafsson

COSY | Marie-Louise Gustafsson

‘A sofa table with removable mattress. Making it cosy for the ones that enjoy lying under the table. In collaboration with Anna Kraitz.’

Material: Lacquered wood with an upholstered mattress.

For more: www.marielouise.se.