‘Greenhouse’ by Jantze Brogård Asshoff

Jantze Brogård Asshoff is a design studio located in Stockholm, Sweden.

The team recently designed ‘Greenhouse’, ‘a paper bin with the shape of a house where the porch is a pedal. When you step on the porch the roof opens up. It comes in different sizes to fit different types of garbage boxes and sorting. ‘Greenhouse’ is a beautiful way to store and sort your garbage. It fits both at home and in office spaces.’

Via: www.jba-design.se.

‘Euro Condom’ by Ingo Maurer

Euro Condom | Ingo Maurer

Protect yourself from stupid rules, use the ‘Euro Condom’!: the ‘Euro Condom’ as part of Milan Design Week 2009.

As from September 2009 frosted bulbs will be banned in accordance with new EU guidelines on light sources because they are said give off less light than clear bulbs. However, according to the specifications of various manufacturers the difference, measured in Lumens, is negligible or not existent.

German designer Ingo Maurer unveiled ‘Euro Condom’ created in response to new EU guidelines that will see frosted light bulbs banned. The product consists of a thin, heat-resistant silicone cover that turns a clear bulb into a frosted one.

finalists of ‘Cardboard Chair Design Student Competition’ unveiled

The American Institute of Architecture Students and the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) announce the top winners of the fourth student design competition. Continue Reading

house in Hiyoshi by Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects

Tokyo office Hiroyuki Tanaka architects have recently completed the renovation of a home in Yokohama, Japan.

Called House in Hiyoshi, the architects divided the space using book shelves and added surrounds to the existing windows, creating a desk and display case. Continue Reading