‘In The Pocket Baby Seat’

In The Pocket Baby Seat

‘What parent isn’t fed up with lugging things around! With a baby seat from IN THE POCKET BABY®, small enough to fit in your pocket, you will have a significantly lighter load when heading for holidays or to dinner. In an instant you wiz up a comfortable and safe seat for your baby by fastening it to an ordinary chair. Can be used from the moment the baby can sit unsupported, from around 6 months and up to 2 years of age. The baby seat is contained inside an integrated pocket.’

More: www.inthepocketbaby.se.

‘Molecule’ by Tomas Kral

Molecule | Tomas Kral

Molecule Like 2 atoms are grouping together to form a stable molecule, Tomas Kral joined 2 utensil to create a stunning double carafe for wine and water at the same time .

More: www.tomaskral.ch.

‘Cassette Tape USB Hub’

cassette tape USB hubs | i want one of those

‘Retro meets high tech with the 4 port high speed USB 2.0 cassette hub.

This is perfect for those of you who love retro gadgets that serve a purpose. The ‘Cassette Tape USB Hub’ is a detailed iconic copy of the original cassette complete with rotating ribbon wheels.’

Price: £12.99

More: I want one of those.

‘cassette face watch’ by Asos

cassette face watch | Asos

…each reel of the tape acts as a timer – one for hours the other for minutes.

More: www.asos.com.

‘Color Helm’ by Wilhelm Ostwald

The Color Helm | Wilhelm Ostwald

The Color Helm shows a full spectrum of color combinations with tints and darks in the exact percentage chosen which was produced by Wilhelm Ostwald in the 1940’s.

It was available in ‘Professional’, ‘Spectrum’, ‘Student’, ‘Womens’s Wearing Apparel’ and ‘Interior Decorator’s Models’. Promising to be “Your answer to every color problem”!

Ostwald’s Color System “presents the fundamental laws of color and demonstrates them”.

Via: www.deliciousindustries.blogspot.com.