‘Sharpener Ring’

Sharpener Ring

‘Sharpener Ring’, the luxury tool for architects, designers, artists, illustrators, … etc.’

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‘Cindy Lamp’ By Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell

Cindy Lamp | Ferruccio Laviani

This table lamp, in its shape typical of the seventies, is given new form and color. The ‘Cindy Lamp’ with a conical lampshade and rounded teardrop base comes in a broad range of all metallic tones: platinum, bronze, mint green, tangerine, ultramarine, flamingo, gun metal and violet. Cindy’s special feature is its shiny chrome-like finish – a contemporary twist, a touch of richness, radiating a multitude of iridescent reflections. cindy uses an energy-saving light bulb.

For further information visit: www.laviani.com.

CampFire by Invotis Orange

CampFire | Invotis Orange

‘Gather around this beautiful tea light, drink your tea and sing along with your friends. Just like on a romantic outdoor night by the campfire.’

More: www.invotisorange.com.

statistics by Guy Limone

Guy Limone is a Paris-based artist whose installations are based primarily on the three themes – those of statistics, color families and miniature figurines.

Since 1987, the French artist has been making works based on census reports and polls.

In his exhibition ’67, 857 inhabitants per sq. mile’ in 1996 at the New York Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, Guy Limone applies the logic of statistics to precisely quantify each Manhattanite’s share of elbow room. By dividing the surface of Manhattan (22.2 square miles) by the number of inhabitants (1,506,430 in 1994), Limone calculates that each resident is allotted 410 square feet of space.

‘On-Orbit’ coffee cup by Travis Baldwin

‘This inventive coffee cup concept came to Donald Pettit’s mind, who is an astronaut, during the mission STS-126. Instead of using a straw to drink his morning coffee inside a heated aluminum bag, Donald created a cup that could hold liquid in zero gravitation. Travis Baldwin tried to offer his service as a designer to assist him in developing his idea into a real product.’

For more information visit: www.coroflot.com.