‘PANO’ chair by Studio Lo

PANO | Studio Lo | 1Behind Studio Lo are hidden Eva Guillet and Aruna Ratnayake who are working jointly since 2003. Their approach of design of object passes by the application of mathematical and geometrical tools. This scientific manner to envisage creation is justified as well by research of a pure formal vocabulary as by the effectiveness of these tools in design of product: matter saving, optimization of the chain of production, standard series.

‘PANO’ chair, counters plated filmed, water-jet cutting, assembly by tenon and mortise.
The shape of the PANO chair is almost entirely conditioned by a double system of constraints: the optimization of the matter, the absence of screws and bolts. Its assemblage, without adhesive, is based on the principles of lever, assembly in force and warped surface. The «share-cut» makes it possible to obtain two decorative elements for a cut.’

Price: £236.00

Available via www.madeindesign.co.uk.

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