‘Pit Out’ Tree Lights by e27

Based on the indoor lamp of the same name, these ‘Pit Out’ tree lights by the Berlin-based design agency e27 for manufacturer Domus-Licht, are a perfect solution for your outdoor lighting needs. While they are minimal in design, the directional light swivels easily in two directions to point the super functional light wherever you need it.

The fixture attaches to any tree with a soft tension belt, which also makes it easy to adjust. Available in light blue or white powder-coated steel with a bright red cord, the fixtures are clean and modern and definitely my favorite that I’ve seen.

“No high tech – just a ring and a hole. Two parts to build a very functional hinge which can easily and smoothly be swivelled in two axis. Minimalist in its design PIT concentrates on its function. As a result it brings a pleasant light for reading and working.

The ‘Pit Out’ tree lamp has a soft tension belt to fix it around a nearby tree.”

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