Are you planning to own a new house?


Today, many young people are making their plans to buy a new house but get held by the high prices of property and uncertain job. This is important because making a decision to buy house cannot be based on only the need but it must be only one’s financial readiness. And to buy house you an take help from Greenwich estate agents they will help you in finding best property.

All these real estate agents lure at you with discounts and freebies. Here are certain facts that show you how to deal with these sales agents’ pitches so take a decision based on it.

Most affordable price

The first thing a realtor or builder is going to tell is the present real estate price is not going down. But in real estate there is ups and downs periodically like any other investments. The difference is not that as impulsive as stocks or gold. You can opt to buy rumah in any far-flung area it can be cheap, but may come with other major costs like a long distance to office, kid’s school, weekend shopping or social visit etc.

And if your plan is buying the house now only then the best strategy will be to pretend as a buyer and save for it. If you can put some amount as an investment, you can save more to pay higher down payment.

Even if you come to know that there is some correction in the real estate price, but if you tell this to your builder, they do not accept it. By this, the builder will not cut the price. They will tell to convince you that this is the right project for you in this area. If a coming new project with a price of 42lakhs for 2-BHK but the going price of that area is 50lakh, you may think it is stealing. But not really, these real estate ads for the advertisements miss the most important detail, flat size.

One of the favorite trick most builders use to entice buyers is the rate will get raise soon. When you tell your builder you need time to think, immediately he will tell that this project is sold almost and price may rise. The main thing is the developer of today is more desperate in selling than the buyer actually wants to buy it. Money is not at all cheap for the builder even it is available.


Unnecessary Offers

Delay in the projects is the really getting complicated now days.  Some of the builders offer compensations for the delay in handing over the possession of rumah but it is not something you must bank on. The first thing the amount builder offered will not come close to the EMI paying, it’s because the installment is made on the property total cost and the compensation offered is on the base price without including other additional charges. Some builders slip out in the clause of the agreement.

Getting your money back is not that easy. The sales person who is selling the property will be focused on its down payment only. There is nothing a builder to do while a cancellation in booking. Some builder cut 10% of its booking amount and some more than that. To avoid this can be by doing a proper homework before getting into it. Even if you decide to buy it, wait for a while to pay the booking amount.

Some builders say they have bank tie-ups, but that it is not the way to do endorsement of the project.  It is advisable to hire a legal expert service for verifying the authenticity of the documents that are associated with this project. A tie-up is not going to give a promise in best rate for mortgage.

Keep all these things in mind and have a deal.