Promote your designer business using eco-design printing services

If you are looking to invest in business cards, posters and flyers to maximise the exposure of your business, it is likely you will need to use a good quality printing service and a cost-efficient strategy. However, in a world of corporate social responsibility, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to introduce “green” measures to their daily operations, as well as bearing quality and cost in mind.

Despite some common misconceptions, it is possible to invest in eco-design printing services on a budget and there is now a wide range of printing retailers who pride themselves on adhering to quality and environmental standards, such as Flyerzone. Flyerzone offers all of the above in addition to stationary, stickers, postcards and invitations and their products are available in recycled paper options.

In addition to making a huge difference to the environment, buying from eco-design printing businesses is a financially-viable option that can save you and your business a great deal of money. These retailers often work on a strategy of waste limitation, meaning they save money on wastage costs during the production of their products. These savings are often passed on to the customer, who then benefits from competitively-priced products. In addition to this, you may find that using an ethical printing service does the following:

  • Protects your business’ reputation – companies that choose to use eco-design services boast more credibility than those that don’t

  • Helps to protect and increase sales – environmentally-aware customers, including both personal and business customers, will be drawn to your eco-design products

  • Increase your access to capital – as mentioned, by using ethical printing services, you may find that you make savings when buying products through them and so have more money to spend in other areas

  • Helps to motivate employees – most employees get a boost from knowing they are part of an environmentally-conscious business

If you want to take further environmentally-friendly measures for your business, be sure to invest in printed promotional products that are made using well-managed forests. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), for example, is a not-for-profit organisation founded to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. Retailers signed up to its Chain-of-Custody programme use paper made from wood that is tracked from its production to printing, meaning you can rest assured that your products are being manufactured from an ethical source.

It’s clear that by using eco-design printing services to promote your business, there are a number of business benefits – including reinforced brand and product image – as well as the moral imperative.