QS Supplies Bathrooms Concepts are awesome

Barrel Basin

For generations, Innovations have been driving and defining the progress of the human race. Brilliant ideas are the product of brilliant minds. A more focused effort towards these innovative ideas is conscious and sustained research and development, to gain a competitive advantage. A huge amount of investment goes into these research activities returns are much higher. These include use of the latest recycling technologies for re-use of materials, with re-cycling being clearly a parallel activity to manufacturing as it reduces costs and improves sales.  They specially cater to the generation of users who are more sensitive about sustainability and conscious about the environment.

Log Basin

When it comes to the bathroom and sanitary ware products, comfort and convenience are the basic requirements. And if that is topped-off with excellent styling and a down-to-earth price tag then that clearly is a major USP. QS Supplies a leading retailer of bathroom products have come up with some amazing concepts that could define bathrooms of the future. One of their futuristic, eco-friendly concepts is the recycled tyre basin—the MacWheel.

With thousands of old tyres landing in landfills today, you certainly do a lot of good for mother Earth and its resources when you put it to good use. This simple yet spectacular concept uses an old tyre that is treated, re-treaded, painted and used as the outer-rim of a delightful washbasin; the inner portions being made of an old kitchen sink. Its generous proportions allow for a comforting wash and the extraordinary design incorporates a towel rail at the base. The set includes a tap and a mirror with a prominent bottle trap providing efficient removal of waste and gases. The central bowl sports a fashionable chrome finish, creating a subtle contrast to the vintage charm of the tyre.


When you crave for your wash basin to be the eye-catching centerpiece of the area, then look no further than the MacWheel. Taking away from the mundane, the product brings much-needed cheer and brightens even the most humdrum of spaces. Constantly striving to come up with path-breaking concepts and ideas, QS Supplies has so far created many fantastic and environmentally efficient ideas for modern-day bathrooms. These include the Barrel Basin, the McWheel and the Chandelier Shower with many more in the pipeline that will clearly astonish you.