Revitalize, Cleanse, and De-stress this Holiday Season


We all know the stress that can surround this time of year. Shopping, shopping, shopping — need I say more? Certainly, buying gifts for loved ones can be both fun and rewarding, however, even the strongest mind still needs to take time out for sanity’s sake. After all, festivities aren’t as fun when you feel like the Grinch!

Even if you find that shopping online at ABC Home takes much of the edge off, it’s still important to make extra time to relax, revitalize, and cleanse body and mind. A great way to get started is by treating your senses to some mini “me” time. Follow these luxurious pampering tips and you’ll enjoy a sensory-filled season.


Whether you end up visiting all of the furniture stores NYC has to offer or plan on sitting by your computer screen for hours, be sure to give those eyes a rest. With all the price tag comparing and item scouring, your eyes are sure to get a bit worn out. After an intense shopping spree, take time to rest your eyes with a cold compress or quick nap. If you are at home shopping online, try lighting a few candles. Not only will doing so put you in a more relaxed mood, it will also give your eyes a much-needed break from the glare of bright monitor lighting.


Another way to pamper your senses during these stressful winter days is to splurge on pleasant smelling soap for your home. I know what you may be thinking: how is soap going to make it all better? Well, believe it or not, surrounding yourself with scents that you adore can be an effective way of taking your mind off seasonal stress and focusing it instead on the pleasant atmosphere around you. So, whether you put your refreshingly scented soap in the bathroom, kitchen, or your bedroom, find a scent you love and just sniff back and relax.


Listening to just the right music is a great way to soothe any stress. Whether you enjoy rocking out to Christmas jams or kicking back with some mellow jazz piano, snuggle into your comfy home furnishings and let your ears feast on the perfect pitch of holiday tunes.

Taste and Touch

Treat yourself to the wonderful tastes of the holidays when you take time out of your busy schedule to sample the seasonal sweets—but remember that too many cookies mean a high calorie count!

Lastly, indulge in the sense of touch when you buy a new outfit that feels amazing, or snuggle into a nice leather piece from an online furniture store.

With all of your senses taken care of and pampered to the fullest, there is no reason to lose yourself in seasonal stress!  Just remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed at any point, think about one of your five senses and how you can treat it just a little bit better.