‘Riding’ Collection by Émilie Cazin for Singularité

Singularité is a French furniture company founded in 2012.
 Their handcrafted products are the result of close collaboration between emerging talents coming from design and contemporary art fields, and French and European exceptional craftsmen.

“With the benefit of this diversity, Singularité provides high quality products with elegant finishes.
 Through projects based on creativity and experimentation, Singularité provides limited editions, collectables and unique pieces.
 We support and share the high-end design of a rising generation of designers.

Inspired by horse-riding and especially by harness, the ‘Riding’ collection by Émilie Cazin is designed with specific assemblies and fittings between the structure and the straps which are the locking mechanism. The straps take on the shape as on a moving horse anatomy.

The object is a paradox between the strain of a bridle and the taming. The straps pass through the object to convert the holding elements as an anatomic element.

Mixing leather and elastic bands gives to the object strength, durability combined with flexibility. The bench ‘Riding’ and the coffee table ‘Riding’ are made with dovetail assemblies. It’s a way to show the link as it protects it. It’s a mix of fine saddlery and woodworking.

The storage ‘Riding’ is a contrast between an enameled smooth shell and a mat oiled leather, breathing. The three objects are a combination between hard and supple materials.

It can be used on the floor, on a desk or on a shelf. The two ceramic parts are similar and be used against each other or in a opposite way to create a different object.

The bench ‘Riding’ bench and coffee table deal with the anatomic assemblies. It’s a combination of elastic straps and leather as lock of the oakwood structure. It pass through the object to be integrated as a part of the whole.

Some background information about the designer Émilie Cazin:

French designer born in 1984, Emilie Cazin joined Les Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg in 2005 after a Bachelor in Applied Arts in Toulouse. She is graduate of a Design Diploma with honors in 2008. Through a brief and a series of objects, she develops a reflection on the relationship between human and nature in urban areas. She started as freelance designer in 2009 after experience in the field of furniture edition in Belgium.

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