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‘Tidal Datums’ by Adrien Segal



‘The body of work titled ‘Tidal Datums’ is the result of my senior thesis project. The collection consists of a variety of objects inspired by the formal language of data graphics, intended to be a representation of analytic information through the medium of furniture. My work process began by gathering data graphs from NOAA’s historic tide database followed by translating the empirical information into tangible materials. The forms modeled from the data not only reveal a dynamic pattern, they facilitate a new way of experiencing information by enabling a physical interaction of tidal patterns with the body.’ Adrien Segal.


‘A Restless Chairacter’: flexible chair by Pepe Heykopp

Design talents currently in its fourth year at the imm Cologne, is presenting a showcase of design projects by students, recent graduates, young professionals and design studios. It is divided into the three events: [d3] contest, [d³] professionals and [d³] schools. Continue Reading

Flexible shelving system by Single Speed Design


Jinhee Park of Single Speed Design makes a different shelving system design, that is flexible, playful, functional.

Horizontally adjustable ‘parenthetical shelving’ allows differing objects and uses.

For further information visit: www.ssdarchitecture.com.