Techniques to modernise the atmosphere of your home or business

In any residential or commercial setting, there are two things that you want to ensure are well maintained, one is the atmosphere of the location and the second is that this atmosphere is reflected in the arrangement of the area. This is important for both yourself and your guests. In a private setting, it is more relaxed as you want to be at ease in your own home. In a business setting, the reasons can be much different, especially in commercial office spaces. You want to convey an air of professionalism and alertness. There is an endless amount of ways to create an atmosphere be it for business or personal and we will look at some of the physical changes that can be made.

Chose the correct furniture:

When you come home you want to enjoy the comforts of home. This can range anywhere from a comfy bed to your flat screen tv. If only one room can be arranged to suit your needs then do that. It should be an area where you can unwind and enjoy your time with some creature comforts.

In a business setting its important to have furniture suited to your employees, this includes a variety of work stations and areas to conduct business. This allows for a more relaxed atmosphere but one which should also motivate your employees to work at a motivated rate. Having the right furniture installed will put your employees at ease and potential clients can see the care that goes into maintaining a professional and motivated workforce.


Lighting can be a massive contributor to the tone and feel of any environment. It can make the place seem quite cold and dark, something you wouldn’t want any potential client or visitor to feel. On the other-hand it can liven up the area and make it a place of inspiration and enjoyment. As with furniture lighting can be used as a motivator factor and moulded to suit its surroundings. Some of the newer companies have installed plaster wall lights and lamps rather than traditional lighting styles.

It gives office spaces and homes a more modern feel and allows for some diversity in the altering and development of work areas. Many of these installations can be altered giving some freedom to employees and home owners the freedom to create areas that they like.


You want your space to reflect the kind of work that you do. If it’s a fashion department, some samples of famous clothing lines or of your own products would be ideal. For private areas, the colours which most please you would be the better option, however, they should always try to correlate with the rest of the room so not one areas are distracting from the rest.

Although many of the above suggestions may seem trivial many studies show that having well balanced and uplifting areas can increase productivity and wellbeing. It allows for ease of mind and a more favourable approach to both work and when you are at home.