The ‘Bunkie’ Sleeping Cabin

The ‘Bunkie‘ is a collaborative effort between industrial design firm 608 Design and architectural design firm BLDG Workshop. The two companies share an intense admiration for the other’s work and an affinity for seeking new answers to old problems and processes. “In the case of the ‘Bunkie’, this involves reduced impact materials and adopting CNC detailing from furniture manufacturing for use in pre-fab construction.

The need for this architectural type is easily identified, re-born to function more beautifully with regards to its purpose and aesthetics. By maintaining a transparent view of the site, the Bunkie is integrated into the landscape. Its multi-use nature responds to both expanding families and recreational applications via three operating modes: open, play and sleep.”

The ‘Bunkie’, still in concept phase, is a bit different from traditional architecture and other small cabins in that it’s not based on traditional stick frame building methodology. Essentially, it’s a large product. Using identical techniques to those used in the manufacture of high production plywood furniture, they will use a CNC router to cut highly accurate parts which fit together like a puzzle – thus creating the Bunkie frame. The frame is then clad in plywood and barn board. Everything can be built in a factory and shipped onsite for final assembly.

Inside, the ‘Bunkie’ maximizes space by creating one multifuntional room that serves as sleep and living. Two queen-sized murphy beds are built into one main wall and a small dining table and chairs are visually integrated into the main feature wall, but can be detached for use when needed.

When everything is folded back into the walls, the space can be used for meditation, yoga, or other activities.

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