‘ThePresent’ — World’s First Year-Long Clock

ThePresent‘ tells the story of the seasons using subtle gradients of pure color to mark the Equinoxes & Solstices throughout the year.

This original wall clock takes an entire year to complete a single rotation using a one of a kind German engineered Annual Movement. The unique perspective on time invites a meditative long view that helps you be more present, more often.


  • The annual hand magically ‘sets itself’ to the exact day you insert two AA batteries.
  • Your clock will be 1 of 2000 limited edition timepieces.
  • The pixel perfect clock face features 16 million colors and was printed using six color processing in New York.
  • The Annual Hand fits perfectly through a small hole in the clock face for a design unlike any other clock.
  • The clock back plate is made of stainless steel with a radial brush finish, complete with custom tooling here in Brooklyn.
  • Custom engraving of ‘ThePresent’ and ‘m ss ng p eces 2012′ is stamped into the steel back here in New York.
  • The front of the clock features custom shaped dome glass designed in New York & fabricated in Virginia.