Tired of Seeing Same Cubicles – Try New With Open Space

Every now and then, an incredible product comes along that has the entire design world talking. It’s usually something innovative and creative that makes a big impact on a space. These days, that product is the Duravit Open Space shower enclosure. This is an incredible design that would be absolutely perfect in a modern bathroom. Below are some reasons why it’s growing in popularity.

Sleek Appearance
The Duravit Open Space shower enclosure has an incredible modern style. It has a glass slower door that bends back to create a seamless and clean design. No longer will you have to worry about unsightly shower doors or ugly fixtures. With this product, you barely know the shower is even there. That’s how sophisticated it looks in a bathroom.

It Has Gadgets
This cubicle actually has an open space shower partition that is fitted with a mirror on the other side. Plus the side and panels of the cubicle fit snugly against the wall when you aren’t using them. What this does is it allows you to fit several necessities in one space. It also allows you to have a bathroom that feels larger than it actually is.

It’s Like Art
Sure, it may sound silly to call a shower enclosure art, but several years of design and innovation went into this product. The quality of the design is unmatched in this niche, and we know you’ll absolutely love it if you put one in your home.

It Encourages Green Living
Having the Duravit Open Space Shower Enclosure allows you to comfortably shower in a small space. Because the open partition fits snugly against the wall, you have more square footage to get ready in the morning. This allows you to comfortably live in a smaller home, which means less electricity bills and an overall lower cost of living.

It’s Affordable
At just over 1,800.00, you can purchase the majority of your bathroom design in just one item. Of course, you can find many shower enclosures for less, but none of them will have the quality of the Duravit products. Plus, you are actually purchasing more square footage, which would cost your thousands more if you were adding on to your home. This product makes your bathroom bigger. That’s pretty hard to buy!

It’s Trendy
Today, modern and contemporary products are all the rage. People are becoming interested in minimalist design, sleek products, and streamlined rooms. Purchasing this shower enclosure certainly fits in with what today’s modern buyer is expecting when they are looking for a home. So, you can rest assured that you are actually making an investment in your home and improving it so that you can sell it for a great price down the road.

For these reasons above, we know you’ll love the Duravit Open Space Shower enclosures. They are such unique and chic products that would look absolutely amazing in any home regardless of your tastes and style.

Author Bio : Written by Catherine, she loves to write about new and innovative bathroom products.

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