Top five bathroom design trends for 2017

Re-modelling your bathroom has never been more affordable. For those who like to regularly freshen up their living quarters, you’ll find that top quality home furnishings, bathroom accessories and bedroom essentials have never been easier to buy, and at such low costs. This is good news for interior design-lovers across the globe, so if you’re looking to stay on trend with your next re-fit, here are the top bathroom design trends to give you style inspiration.

  1. Vintage glamour

Thanks to shows like Downtown Abbey, more and more people are craving the antique chic look in their bathrooms this year. We’re talking free-standing roll-top baths with intricate handles and taps, flamboyant wallpaper and decadent lighting. All you have to do is pick the era that’s right for you – it could be Victorian, Edwardian, or right up to Art Deco, but this is a theme that you can have a lot of fun with and create a truly unique space for pampering. Of course, just because you’re going for a vintage theme, doesn’t mean you have to suffer from ancient plumbing, so add in the modern touches where they matter, such as a rain shower or Jacuzzi bath.

  1. Gloss and shine

Going completely the other way now, ultra-contemporary reflective surfaces are next on our 2017 shopping list. This is particularly effective in smaller bathrooms, as the idea is to take full advantage of all light within a space, as the reflective surfaces and mirror effects will bounce light around to create a brighter, more open atmosphere. Plus, aside from being beautiful to behold, it helps with moisture-prone areas, as these more hard-wearing materials are water-resistant, and easier to wipe clean. 

  1. Nature’s own

Do you wish to get back to nature, or are you concerned about the eco-levels within your home, and want an environment that reflects your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint? Whatever your reasons for being an eco-warrior, you’ll find plenty of luxury products to help create this look. Go for earthy tones on the walls, and stick to stone slabs on the floor for a rustic texture with non-slip features. Around the rest of the room, include plenty of natural woods and bamboos, such as rough-cut sideboards and sink pedestals, and opt for a wet room style shower. You’ll only need a single pane of glass this way, rather than plastic bases that will ruin the organic aesthetic.

  1. Bold mosaics

It could be that you want an excuse to let your creativity run wild, in which case, this year’s trend of mosaic madness could be right up your street. Stick to the same size of small square mosaic for the entire room, and use different colours and textures to create something truly memorable for every guest that enters. Again, wet rooms will give a better effect here, as the tiling can continue without any disruption to your overall masterpiece.

Where do you get your bathroom inspiration from? Let us know by leaving a comment below…