‘UFO’ mono-use disposable plate by Andrea Ruggiero

UFO | Andrea Ruggiero | 1

‘UFO’ / Unidentified Feeding Object is a picnic plate to be used once and then disposed of by launching it into the bushes, exactly like a frisbee. Upon impact, the plates break into smaller pieces and become feed for animals (birds, squirrels, or rats), referencing Braungart and McDonough’s waste = food principle.

The act of launching the plate makes its disposal fun (a cross between an olympic discus and a Greek wedding) and the impact of the plate becomes a necessary component of the process. There is not even the need to scrape the food off your plate…but do look before launching.

Rigid and lightweight, ‘UFO’ is highly resistant to wet foods, vinegars, and sauces—yet completely biodegradable, non-toxic, and vegan.’

More information: www.indisposednyc.com.

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