wall decor that pimps your home!

Small wall furniture like wall lamps or shelfs can be easily used to give any room a whole new look. Some need picture hanging hardware to get hooked to your wall while others simply stick to it! There really is a broad range of products out there…..here is a selected few….

The Hunter by Godspeed

A new piece from Godspeed called the “Hunter”. Part wall sculpture, part deer head, part coatrack, the “Hunter” is made from collected raw scrap wood.

Shed Coat Hook by Domesticity

The hooks that like to hold more than just coats. “Shed” is a highly functional coat hook, which is also designed to store items that you need when entering or leaving the house, such as keys, bags, mail and gloves.

Available here in orange, white and grey.

Windmaker by Luc van Hoeckel

Inspired by a cuckoo clock, this analog fan designed by Luc van Hoeckel will blow you away. By lifting the weight, the wooden fan starts blowing and continues to refresh the air without electricity.

Florafil by Tania da Cruz

“Florafil” by Tania da Cruz is a decorative cover for your wires, turning them from eyesore into wall art.

“Florafil” is  made of flexible rubber whose shape is inspired by green vines. Its concept derives from the desire to attribute aesthetic value to a conventionally functional and unadorned object.

Granny Wall Shelf by Beerd van Stokkum

With the “Granny”, Beerd van Stokkum has incorporated a classic tradition into a contemporary product. The floating shelf is a nostalgic ode to grandmother’s cheerful domesticity. The graphical translation of lace into steel makes for a stylish design that looks good in various styles of interior.

SNAKKES wall lamp by Daniel Benito Cortázar

Illuminate your thoughts and ensure those important messages get noticed thanks to Barcelona based graphic designer, Daniel Benito Cortázar. “Snakkes” is the latest lamp from the hip Norwegian design collective, Northern Lighting. Described as a wall mounted LED light board it functions as both a wall lamp and ingenious notice board. Amusingly shaped like a speech bubble, the design comes with its own whiteboard marker. In Norwegian Snakkes means “talk to you later”.

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