‘Weekend’ Coffee Bar by D/DOCK

D/DOCK have designed an espresso cocktail bar in Amsterdam called ‘Weekend’.

‘Weekend’ is a place where everyone can drink a cappuccino or a late afternoon cocktail. It also serves as a spot to enjoy a quick breakfast. The original design was to be an espresso bar, but it quickly evolved into the versatile place it is today. The idea is to be inviting seven days a week, not just on weekends, as the name suggests. D/DOCK is the interior designer who created this newcomer on the scene. The design is reminiscent of big brother, the Restaurant Vandaag, next door.

One noticeable aspect of the great espresso bars in this area is the fact that they operate during daytime hours. Owner Michelle Xu considers the hours a little out of touch with the local culture. One characteristic of the Dutch hospitality industry is that customers enjoy having a late afternoon cocktail following their coffee. It was a major challenge to incorporate the transformation of the design from day to night. The solution was in the use of light. The walls and ceiling are screaming ‘I Love Wallpaper!’ — they consist of back-lit panels that wrap the room like wallpaper.

The adjustable light facilitates changing both the color and intensity of the light. The effect is a space that adjusts dramatically to the mood and time of day. The change marks the passing of day to night in a visible way. The light displays bright greens and blues at breakfast time and changes to orange and red at night. It feels like sunset. The bar measures 12 meters and gives the room direction. It works well as a cocktail bar and a food section and beverage showcase.

‘Weekend’s location beside big brother Restaurant Vandaag is convenient. Besides the customers that migrate from the restaurant, the main customer-base consists of local working people. Most are in their thirties and highly focused on work. The other location asset is the congress center across the street. The RAI is the biggest one in Amsterdam. ‘Weekend’ provides what its clientele enjoys: They offer free Wi-Fi and a variety of seating types. Customers find that getting comfortable to work online is just as easy as holding informal meetings or socializing. At the back of the space is a fireplace that provides the perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail with friends. Why wait for the weekend when you can enjoy life right now?