What Do the Different Mattresses Mean?

When purchasing a new single mattress, or a double mattress, there are various types to consider with 6 main types on offer: continuous coil mattress, pocket sprung mattress, open coil mattress, memory foam, latex and mattress toppers.

Continuous Coil mattresses are one of the less expensive options. They are made up of coils of looped wire that tend to wear out quicker than pocket sprung mattresses. Many of us have shared a mattress where both people have ended up rolling into the middles of the bed. This is a common occurrence with a continuous coil mattress.

A Pocket Sprung mattress is another popular choice of mattress and is durable. This mattress is made up of springs that are sown individually into fabric pockets. With each separate coil absorbing the body’s weight it provides great support, particularly for those who sleep on their sides.

The Open Coil mattress is made up of single springs being fixed together with wire. This is inexpensive and widely available; boasting comfort, durability and support for the body.

The Memory Foam mattresses are significantly denser than the aforementioned mattresses. Made with visco-elastic polyurethane foam, the mattress reacts with the body’s temperature and creates a mould around each individual. Primarily this was used for medical purposes but its ability to contour around the body, offering a high level of support, reducing disturbed sleep and creating extra warmth has seen an increase in its popularity. This is a favourite for offering comfort.

Latex mattresses are becoming increasingly popular. The latex that is used is a mix of synthetic and natural. They are reportedly resilient airy so do not incur the same build-up of heat as the memory foam mattresses but still offer high levels of support for promoting spinal alignment and comfort.

Adding a Memory Foam mattress topper is also an option; ensure your mattress underneath isn’t sagging as the topper will mould to the shape underneath and not prove as beneficial.

Choosing the right mattress is integral to a good night’s sleep so choose wisely and sleep well!