Why Good Design is Good Business

From comfort to functionality, everything that we hold dear in our lives is the result of a laborious design process. You may think design only pertains to the things of beauty around you, things that have no use other than ornamentation. Actually, it pertains to nearly all that you have around you. Design can affect the comfort of something, how useful it is, or even how well it performs its given task. Take a look at five of the most important ways design is put into use to benefit the products in your home and around you.

Make a Strong First Impression

This does not really have an effect on the overall function of a product, but if it is designed well to spark an emotional response right off, that is the desired result of several types of designing. It may be something designed to be comfortable, like a couch or an easy chair, or it may be designed to be powerful, like a washer and dryer set, but a good design is one that will stop you in your tracks and make you pay notice to it. A strong element of the design is ensnaring your attention right from the first instance.

Bring Comfort

You can also use good design to bring comfort to people. With something like a duvet or a throw pillow, it is an adaptable comfort, one you can bring with you from one area in your home to another. Something that was made with good design will give comfort to all of you. It will not feel prickly or stuffy in the slightest. The best examples of this sort of design are present in the most comfortable things in our homes, like our couches or beds. Really all soft furnishings should be built with an eye to their design, made for the maximum of comfort.

Bring Durability

It is, of course, expected that you will design your product to be durable for whatever its intended purpose. Whether something is made of solid hardwood or it is designed to be made out of paper, you want it to withstand anything it is meant to go through. Even something like an ephemeral, foldable bowl is well designed if it can carry any temperature of liquids and not leak. When you spend money on something you have wanted, you want it to last and perform the way it was supposed to when it was designed.

Bring a Consistent Nature to Your Brand

A strong sense of design will bring a collection together in a cohesive way. Many things that are designed to be coordinating, or to go together help to create consistency throughout the brand. The customers will come to know and love this about a product. Good design adds to this and adds to your brand loyalty by keeping to a color scheme, a similar mechanism, or similar use. If skillfully done, this can keep a brand tied together without becoming too much the same.

Bring Power

Just as your washer and dryer in the laundry room can handle a lot of clothing, or your oven can handle whatever you want to cook in it, the power given to a product by careful design is not to be disputed. It is similar to the power that things have to make a statement, but it is more wholly a part of them. With the average kitchen full of high powered equipment and appliances, you might wonder why you need good design to keep the power coming into your home. The truth is, as the world keeps advancing, there will be even more powerful things for you to collect and that will make your life a little easier to live.

The design of a thing is so important. From a bed to a car, to something as big as your house or as small as your favorite shirt, the design is of paramount importance. It can give a product a sense of performance, one that will envelop you in comfort, or even one that is not useful, but utterly charming in how it looks. All are examples of good design.