You vs an intruder – steps you can take to prevent a burglary

We often see horror stories on the news or scroll to see frightening articles on online about homes just like ours being targeted by burglars. Your home is your safe haven, and you work hard to own the things you do. So, why should anyone else try to spoil that for you and your family?

What these articles and news headlines don’t tell us though, is that there are steps you can take to help prevent a break in and burglary at your property. The idea of someone gaining access to your home is a complete invasion of privacy and something that many of us fear. So, here you’ll find a few helpful ideas of how you can stop a potential burglary from taking place.


Can anyone just walk into your garden? Is it even locked? You might have strong locks on your doors and windows, but all a potential thief needs is a few moments to assess a property and then come back better prepared. Install a strong fence, buy Cypress Trees from The Tree Center, and keep the lock on your garden gate strong and secure.

Do you store your bins in your garden? Try to rethink where these could be stored, as well as any garden furniture. All a burglar needs is something sturdy to stand on as they slip through the bathroom window you left ajar after your shower this morning.

Keep your property well maintained

If your home has an overgrown garden, has battered looking windows that look like they could be shunted open with a good push, your lawn is unkept and your guttering shabby and broken, then a potential burglar will assume that the security in and around your home is in the same state.

Think well-kept gardens and highly maintained outdoor spaces. If you show that your home is loved, an intruder will assume that there is someone around most days and it won’t be an easy target.

Your view

No burglar wants to be seen. Which means that they’ll love ducking and diving in and around overgrown bushes and behind bins and large gates. Don’t make it easy for them.

Your keys

It might seem silly, but have you locked your doors and windows? It always pays to double check these things. And while we’re on the subject, where are your spare keys? Did you know that as many as 1 in 5 people still hide their spare key in plain sight of the front door?

In addition, leaving your keys in plain sight through a window or just by the door on a shelf or key hook is asking for trouble. All a burglar has to do is simply fish through your letter box to get the keys and let themselves in. Try opting for a letter cage instead, have an outdoor letter box instead or keep your keys in a bowl hidden from plain sight! And never leave your keys under the mat outside the door!